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Monday, 10 June 2013

Mission of Introduction of Egalitarianism

With phenomenal rise in violence against women, and its significant cause deeply rooted into the system of patriarchy, it’s vital that we take stringent measures to at least lessen, if not eradicate completely, this horrendous crime.

The protest (after December 16 gang-rape case) was the repercussion of silence by our ancestors. Violence comes with prolonged silence and tolerance. Had even one member of each aggrieved woman’s family defied this tolerance, women of this country would be in different world.  

Post December 16, there transpired many gasping incidents with recent ones including: acid attack, rape of an eight month old girl, and rape of a woman by her own son. Shocking and ridiculous !!!

Given the major cause behind this amateur demeanour, miraculous transformation couldn’t be expected. So, we need to keep working on the mission of introduction of egalitarianism from the very birth of a child; where our next generation represents an altogether different country where no gender specific violence would occur. But, it demands wait of a long time and amid this period we couldn’t risk the precious lives of that every second female who gets victimized in every next hour. We should pledge that each and every mischievous conduct should be filed, or at least come into knowledge (why I have pointed out on getting of it into knowledge ‘only’- because each case is different in itself, and with their repercussions on the victim they need to be handled differently and diligently).

Our Delhi Police have been claiming to bring off the 80% of perpetrators behind the bars within a week. I don’t know how statistically correct this data is, but somewhere, we all know that still there would be bulk of cases which aren’t acknowledged yet, let alone get registered.

Charity begins at home. Our vow to stand against every single attitude which gives power to rule over someone could bring a great change. We don’t need to approach violence; we just need to protect that single person around us who is a victim of any such crime.

Bell Bajao Organisation has been continuously working on the campaign where men gather to end violence against women. To know more go to their link:

Please Protest!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: Movie Review

Theatrical trailers and arresting songs have already made it hit amongst the youths. So, a great opening of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani this year isn’t surprising et al.

Ayaan Mukherjee’s second directorial venture, after Wake Up Sid, is a story of friendship, love, ambitions, and hope. Bunny (Ranbir Kapoor) is a badtameez flirt as he believes it is crucial for good health. He wants to fly, run, and even fall, but not to stay (main udna chahta hoo, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoon par rukna nahi chahta). During a trip to Manali with his two best friends: Aditi (Kalki) and Avi (Aditya Roy Kapoor), he meets scholar Naina (Deepika Padukone) - who joins them at the last moment. After the trip, all four of them part ways to pursue their dreams, and meet again after eight years at the Rajasthani wedding of Kalki. Predictably, every hidden emotion burst out, and Bunny’s priorities get changed.

In this scorching hot weather, when you get to see chilly mountains of Manali; you would just love to be there straight from the cinema hall, esp. when Deepika and Ranbir reach on the peak of the mountain, and shout with exuberance. Cinematography is a gift for the audience.  

Deepika played an introvert girl who has never done any mischievous act, but is desperate to just come out & enjoy; thus joins the gang at the last minute. She exhibits her inner desires, and keeps giving Bunny googly pe googly. With a promo: “mujhe tumse pyaar ho jayega….. fir se”, it’s predictable that she was in love with Ranbir’s character earlier, and they meet after an intermission.

Aditya Roy Kapooor was seen in the same role what he played in Aashiqui2: a drunkard, but in a character role. Albeit, he played his role well, but he shouldn’t drink alcohol again coz it will be unbearable if done again. Kalki did justice with her character, for whatever duration she was there.

Madhuri Dixit’s ghagra song isn’t raunchy; you may enjoy it with family.  

I enjoyed its musical numbers: Balam Pichkari and Badtameez Dil which will make you bop & feel young, while other songs: Illahi and Kabira are lyrically good ones.

It’s a simple story full of emotions. Albeit, Wake Up Sid stands out but this one is also worth watching. So, just go & enjoy. Don’t think much! 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Always listen to your parents’ advice

Sun brightens the room with its rays to wake up the son of Malhotra family, named ‘Suraj’. He is a handsome but lazy boy who never matches up to his name. His day starts at 11:00 am. His room doesn’t exhibit life. His mother still insists him to brush properly & take shower. Being a single child, he was totally pampered; and never listened to his parents, and especially mother.

Born with a silver spoon, he never cared for his career. He flaunts his father’s luxury car, squanders his money on friends and alcohol, sleeps, and watches television.

A year, after graduation, lapsed in idleness. Suraj’s parents were getting worried about the future of their son. Gradually, his all friends got job, and he was left alone. And, eventually, he became a victim of depression and solitude. He started consuming antidepressants, and his alcohol intake was scaling up every day.  

One day his father climbed up stairs to his room. The room was pathetically wrecked, and full of alcohol stink. And, Suraj was in a very traumatic condition- totally shattered on the floor. He was suddenly rushed to Total Care Hospital.

Dr. Kalyani examined him completely. His health condition has become worse. Alcohol intake has completely damaged his system. His mouth was bleeding profusely. He was, then,  admitted to ICU. Three days passed, but there was no improvement in his health.

Dr. Kalyani: “His condition is very weak. His lungs are 50% damaged due to excessive alcohol intake, and his gums are bleeding profusely. His body isn’t giving any response.”

Mrs. Malhotra: “I asked him to visit hospital once when his mouth was bleeding but he didn’t listen to me, and never even told me his problems”, sobbing deeply.

Dr. Kalyani: “Has he been taking any medications?”

Mrs. Malhotra: “Yes, he started having some intakes of antidepressants”.

Dr. Kalyani: “Mrs. Malhotra, just pray to your God, and leave the rest to him. We are doing our best to save his life. Have faith.”

Then, after a week he went through a lung surgery, and was undertaken in utmost care.

His parents got aghast with his toothless mouth. His four teeth were removed, two from each sides.

Dr. Kalyani: “Antidepressant tablets lead to gum problems, that is why, we have to remove his teeth”.

Mr. Malhotra at his humour best, “My son has become old before me”.

His parents sat beside him every single day. Though unconscious, he was watching what pain his parents were going through. His parents’ love made him respond to the medicines, and after a fortnight he came out of danger.

Dr. Kalyani: “Now, your son is alright. Just keep good care of him and he will be a healthy guy again. We will do the filling of his mouth once he recuperates completely.”

Suraj’s parents moved toward his room. He was discharged later.

Now, Suraj is a dedicated loving guy who obeys his parents, and spends his time on dinner table with them.     

To take good care of your family, visit My Healthy Speak; and keep smiling.