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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Book Review of Pittho's World

Book: Pittho's World

Author: Murtaza Razvi

Price: Rs. 299

Publisher: Harper Collins

Often a reader attracts towards a book because of its captivating title and a decent cover page. But, today's readers also counts the descriptive page of the book. If the story sounds fascinating, it barely happens that the book doesn't find its space on the shelf. With Harper Collins, in association with Indiblogger, distributing books for the review, I had joined the bandwagon and was eager to read the 'tale of love and happiness' as mentioned at the back of this book.

But, to my utter disappointment, the Pittho's World didn't serve its audience with a delightful work. This piece of narration by a renowned journalist of Pakistan- Murtaza Razvi- is an unconvincing collections   of tales from the family of the protagonist. I found myself similar to his girlfriend who didn't seem much interested to the plots. In fact, it makes one believe that the author knew the response of its readers. It felt like the book has been written in rush and the author didn't pay heed to the plotting and the execution of the stories. The tone of the book is not engaging and it doesn't let you continue with the book.

The chronicles are not imaginative and exciting, and moreover they are just mere conversations that didn't help to craft an enchanting  story. A full chapter is devoted to the history of Karachi which seems unfit. Also, the title of the book is very misleading. I flipped many pages to get to the character of Pittho, and finally when I arrived to it; it didn't persuade me enough that why this character should be entitled with this honour. I didn't find anything commendable to recommend except the cover page. So, the whole credit for making this book look interesting goes to the cover designer, and the rest is disheartening. 


Saturday, 12 October 2013

वो है शक्ति

ममता की समझ कर मूरत
भूल कर बैठा वह मूरख। 
सोचा अभला  है तो जीत है ,
न जाना की वो शक्ति है। 
सामना हुआ ज्वाला से उसका 
भड़का घमंड से क्रोध उसका। 
युद्ध छिड़ा फिर घमासान 
माना शक्ति है वो, नहीं है समान। 
ममता का उसमे संसार भी 
शक्ति है वो अंगार भी। 

जय हो दुर्गा मैया की। 

नवरात्र की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं।

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

विघ्नहारी गणपति

मूषक पर भ्रमण करने चला
मद-मस्त अपनी चाल में।
असुरों का संहार हो चला
पलक झपकते एक प्रहार में।।

उसका ब्रह्माण तो सिर्फ़ एक है
माता -पिता की छाया तले।
तीनों लोक का भ्रमण निष्कर्ष है
जो पाकर  भी कुछ न  मिले।।

है पूज्य जो सर्वप्रथम
होता है  जिसका सबसे पहले कथन।
उसके हृदय का द्वार  निष्पक्ष है
वह तो तेरे समक्ष है।

वह है गणपति गणेश गजनायक
विघ्नहारी विनाशकारक।।

गणपति बप्पा की जय हो।

Monday, 16 September 2013

Book Review of English Bites!

Book: English Bites!

Author: Manish Gupta

Price: Rs. 250

Publisher: Penguin Books India

English is a funny language! So, Manish Gupta, the banker-turned-author, thought to make people learn & retain English vocabulary in a quirky way and not by rote.

When I came to know that the author is willing to give his book, through a dear friend Manjulika Pramod; I left a mail immediately in the inbox of the writer, and within two days the book was on my hand.

This lexical fiction has been told through anecdotes of his own life experiences where he has been in this journey to get the nuances of English since childhood days. Yes! You got it right. He is continuing his drive to bring out another book for the abecedarian (or even the proficient one) to get the best of the international language.

Any language is a vast place to learn, and it’s not feasible to retain every word. Here, this book comes to your rescue to get meanings, synonyms, contronyms, pronunciation, and origin of words through the methodology of etymology, mnemonic, and references to the websites and books which helped him achieve this command. He amazes you with the painstaking research of words he went through, and inspires you to do the same. 

I loved his poetic endeavors to make us retain the words in a beautiful way.              
One of them is here: A placid fellow with a complacent look
         tried hard to placate the implacable cook.  

The only thing which stings me is the railroad joke (page no. 108) he shared with his readers. It seems like an item song in a film like Madras Café. I wish it would have been omitted.

When I got this book with a gratitude note by the author, it made me little apprehensive about the book.  There it was written “Thanks very much” which is grammatically wrong. You may write ‘thanks’ or ‘thank you very much’ either of them, but the marriage isn’t on the cards. So, I decided to give full attention to every single word elaborated as a footnote by the author. Often, a slight misconstruction in a meaning brings out a different picture to the world.  But, later I didn’t find any other fault except one! The word ‘trivia’. Trivia means: things with little importance; small things/information having no significance. It’s meaning isn’t confined to just ‘small things’. In my opinion, minute details should be given heed while writing a self-help book, and shouldn’t be considered trivia which might otherwise bring disrepute.

But, that doesn’t undermine his book, because there is much more to learn. You are going to learn words without vowels like: cwm, lynx, cyst, etc., and words with maximum letters like: hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.  To get the meanings of all bold letters you shall have to buy this book.  

My suggestion shouldn’t be taken as insinuation. I don’t claim to be the master of the language. I’m still learning; so if anyone of you wants to leave any feedback, I warmly welcome you.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Political Web

She is gorgeous & has smart traits;
she snuffs out dire straits.
She gets to the details of every case,
& doesn’t know how to whine for the grace.

Perturbed with her success at every stage,
they planned to rip apart her cleavage.
Designed a web for her to frame,
where consequences lead her to blame.

Her wit isn’t feeble enough to ditch,
she got the trap laid by the witch(es).
She rendered the play back with symphony,
& caught red-handed them with harmony.

Has this story thrilled you?

Get a crime-fiction thriller, Jacob Hills, on Amazon by Harper Collins here.

School Days

I yearn those days
when we were full of graces.
When we used to rib each other,
& then complain to the teacher.
When we exuded gassy elements,
& raised finger on classmates.
When we kept aping our teacher,
& were, still, fond of her.
When we were having our lunch before recess,
& never mind getting other’s access.
When we shared our answer-sheet,
& proclaimed proudly, I got the least!
When we used to excuse every minute,
& then announce, I am a gentle student!

Got nostalgic? Remember, how your friends used to fart & you have to bear that smell.  ;)

But now, you have an option. Try Ambi Pur. It keeps all yucky smells at bay.  :)

Sunday, 8 September 2013


हमने तुझे सलाम भेजा है,
दिल का एक पैगाम भेजा है. 
तेरे दस्तक से दुनिया हुई है बागबाँ ,
तुझे चाहने का मैंने छेड़ा है कारवाँ। 

तेरी राहों से जब भी गुज़रते हैं हम,
झुकती नज़रों से नमस्ते करते हैं हम.
तेरे बिना ये ज़िन्दगी जी न पाएँगे ,
तुझे पाने की हसरत लिए ही मर जाएँगे। 

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

राधा के गोपाल

ओ यशोदा के  नन्दलाल, 
अरे ओ गिरधर गोपाल। 
माना तेरी महिमा है न्यारी, 
जिसपे जाऊँ वारी, मैं हर बारी।। 
तेरी बाँसुरी खींचे मुझे तेरी ओर, 
मेरा खुद पे नहीं तनिक भी जोर।। 
पर मेरा भी स्वरुप सौन्दर्यमान है, 
क्यूँ तुझको खुद पे इतना अभिमान है? 
तू सताए हर पल मुझे, 
मैंने चाहा आज और कल भी तुझे।। 
न छोड़ी मैंने तेरी आस, 
नाम है तेरे मेरी हर साँस।। 
जग जाने तू राधा का है कन्हैया, 
नहीं है तू किसी और का सईंया।। 
बोले जग तू है राधा का गोपाल, 
अरे ओ यशोदा के नन्दलाल।। 

जय कन्हैया लाल की, गिरधर गोपाल की।

जन्माष्टमी की हार्दिक बधाईयाँ।। 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Family, First!

Call us, and we are here! This compassionate attitude of us (Indians) toward our family is something which has always been commended worldwide. So, we are always ahead to assure that our family is served first. And, if we are so humble, then why not the coverage should be enlarged?

Rape has always been rampant, after the 16th December gang-rape case, we have only taken charge of it to permeate the very cause of non-tolerance of this heinous crime against women. But, our this very noble behaviour- turned- idiosyncrasy has become a sin to the ideology of human-being.

If you read your daily newspaper, then you should have got the link. Our humble perpetrators are unlike the ones accused in the 16th December gang-rape case. They serve their family first! This set of criminals ensnares their victims with a meticulous approach which shouldn’t hold them red-handed. They rape their daughters, sisters, wives, and…….. mothers! Basically, anyone who is vulnerable to them; ‘who’- they know- would find it difficult to raise her voice.

We all feel pity whenever we come through any incident of rape, but its another chapter is something shockingly evil. It seems that we are degraded to such an extent that it would be contemptible to animals for being compared with our species.

Where did we lack to teach them (perpetrators) the difference between pleasure and crime, between respect and contempt? What’s been wrong with us that we have forgotten the term ‘love’.  Why are we becoming ‘animals’ and are forgetting the basic nature of ‘human-being’ to serve another as equal to us.

Let’s take a pledge and promise ourselves that we won’t let anyone offend the other, we won’t let anyone be inhuman towards another, and we won’t let anyone be animal.

Please, protest! 

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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

All that Matters is Self-Belief

I would have been paving the path pre-defined. Being a good academic, my career was sorted out by my parents bearing in mind- I would do justice to it. But, the person who doubted the most about its execution was- me. I never wanted to tread over the conventional routes, and moreover, something which doesn’t interest me. Albeit, I wasn’t clear about what to do, I knew I wanted to do something which wakes me up every next morning with that same excitement to do justice with my work as what I would feel at the very first day of my job.

As destiny finds its own way, with serendipity, blogging came across me. In its oblivion way, writing became a part of my life, even though I wasn’t obliged to pursue it. It brought bliss in my monotonous life. But, with semester examinations of professional course approaching every six months, I decided to concentrate on my studies. Meanwhile, I realized that writing became my love, and love shouldn’t be left midway.

I believe passion may never be an option; it’s always your premier objective to achieve. I may not say, I would be an author/ a writer later in my life.

I’m acquainted with- it’s not such a lucrative career. But, that doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that I would lose myself if I quit. Like everyone, I want to earn a decent income for my survival. And, for that, I’m putting my all endeavors to get a job as a writer. But, every time, I earn only applauses and not the job. But, this continual failure gives me fortitude to persevere my dreams with new vigor, every time. I am ready to learn what it takes to accomplish the success, but I’m reluctant to leave my dream as an option. My attitude shouldn’t be mistaken as an aggressively stubborn one; instead, it’s my assertiveness to follow the passion. It’s my fear of losing the identity which takes me forward and has taught me the value of patience & tolerance. For me, success isn’t having a great bank-balance at your end, but having peace in your mind which comes with doing what you enjoy the most.

I believe with determination and self-belief you may accomplish everything. I have always been a risk-taker. During my graduation, I opted for the mathematics just to get rid of its phobia, and later secured the merit. This self-belief and determination keeps you going against the tides. And, as it’s been said: “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. I have tremendous faith in my Almighty & myself that one day tides will turn in my favour.  

Dreams dyed in the wool,
coloured with different tool(s).

Passing through different phases of life,
transforming from the raw into the ripe.

With each phase it gets strong,
no alteration if something goes wrong.

It has to consider each brief,

All that Matters is Self-Belief.

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Riding through the unknown routes of Delhi

I left my city and came to Delhi to join my friend- who had come to the city a week before. We were new in the Capital city of India, and were totally perplexed where to start our journey from. Then, my friend came through a contest organized by a travelling company: where only new Delhites are supposed to enter, and make a trip to visiting places while riding through the unknown routes of Delhi.

That was the second last day of the challenge. And yes, it means only one more day was left for the participation. The opportunity seemed very pleasing to us, and we didn’t wanna lose it. So registration was done.

There were some conditions told to us by the executive of the company, they were:

You have to pass through the India Gate.

You have to have a visit to a temple.

You have to make your trip as cheap as you can.

A car to be chosen for the trip shouldn’t be damaged or untidy, otherwise you should have to pay the damage.

You may shop for maximum 15 min. for which you should be reimbursed by the company if you stand as first 3 winners.

You may ask for only one clue, though you may ask for the help from general public as many times as you want.

You should be accompanied by an executive of the company.

Trip should be completed under 2hrs 15 min.

Trip should be finished over a visiting place only.

With so many conditions, we had to deliberately plan our trip. So, we asked for the nearest visiting place, and made the first mistake. Now, we were left with no clue to ask for. Phew! We chose our very own Maruti 800. And, there we go!!

As we entered in the Maruti 800, Ambi Pur air freshner was already affixed there to make our trip soothing.

We initiated from Lodi Tomb (as told by the executive), and then reached to India Gate. After showing our respect to “Amar Jyoti”, we headed toward the Khan Market. My friend bought a book & I bought an Ayurvedic cosmetic product.  ;)   We asked for a nearby visiting place, and the shopkeeper told us about Janpath- known for the handicraft and cheap jewellery. Then after wandering for a few of minutes, it came to our knowledge that Jantar Mantar is just a few minutes away from here. Here, we came to know about Akshardham Temple. Then, we speeded up for Sunder Nagar. If you have to buy art, antiques, and silver jewelery; mark it in your ‘do visit’ list. We were left with the few minutes, so we decided to visit Purana Quila which is just 10 min. away from there.

After having gone through the labyrinth (as we actually had no idea), we decided to conclude our trip here only, as the time was about to finish. And, we were fully exhausted. No more energy was left there to visit another place. And moreover, we had to conclude at a visiting place.

This was really a treat for us, and it was something which would be remembered for ages. Albeit, we stood second but that doesn’t matter. This road trip to Delhi was all worth of. All thanks to the travelling company.  ;)

This post has been written for the contest organised by Indiblogger & Ambi Pur.

This post is one of the winning stories of the contest.  :)

Monday, 22 July 2013

Change for Love

When we come across two people of different age- groups, it’s likely of them to differ in opinions. Their parameter of understanding is always under skepticism- whether one would comprehend the opinion of the other or would completely dissent with the matter.

To attain the consent of both parties, it’s vital to have an amicable relationship between the two. It’s indispensable that both parties share their opinions with empathy towards each other.

In our society, still there are many homes where a child is hesitant to share his/her views with the parents. Still, there are many people who are confined to the boundaries of caste, creed, and religion. Often, it is being observed that this bogey has been put up with not for the love of society but for the fear of society. We have been raised with moral of keeping others happy. So, even in our personal matters, we consider the opinion where the society should be happy.

In that case, when a child falls in love with someone who doesn’t belong to the same caste, and parents would always told him/her that he/she should be married to the one holding their patriarchal surname; it’s palpable in apropos of the child to expect the obstinacy.

But, I have seen the parents changing their belief, where they have got agree to embrace something which they were adhesively against toward. At the end of the day, what matters the most for parents is the happiness of their child. If the child is happy, parents have no qualms about what the society believes in.

I have seen & I have learnt: no matter how many times you have dissent with your parents, eventually they want you to live your life happily.

This post has been written for the contest I Saw, I Learnt organized by Tata Capital & Blogadda.   

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Love is you

My love for you is not a fake,
it might be not a chocolate cake.

Though it’s still very much raw,
& we have our own flaw(s).

But every bond goes through turmoil,
& we may prevent it with foil.

My demeanor might be little bitter & gall,
but I get you, even when you say nothing at all.

There might not be a single clue,
but my love is only you.

I love you!

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Saturday, 6 July 2013


Author: Mridula Koshy

Publishing Company: HarperCollins Publishers

Pages: 352

Price: Rs. 499

With IndiBlogger’s “Pick a Book” offer and my inquisitiveness for the literary work made me order this literature fictionby Mridula Koshy.

This thick book of 350 pages has been told in 3 days (18-20 May 2004) at the United States & South India, and travels onto the past & the future. A melancholic tale of a woman- who relinquishes her four-year old son & her son- who struggles for a story that will allow him to live, this story leaves you with a grief-stricken silence that its main characters: Annakutty and Asa Gardner possess with time till the end.

Annakutty abandons her four-year old son born out-of-wedlock under coercion, and regrets her decision lifetime. She waits for her son on deathbed, and at the same time her son who dwells faraway at the U.S. lands in Delhi to explore the details in apropos of his past which would meet him his biological mother. Whether their patience releases them from their past or leaves them apart, you unfold your own.

Ah! This narration has, indeed, checked my patience that how far I could carry on with the melancholy. It’s been written in a certain way that after a time you might get jaded, but even then you keep it up for the disclosure of climax where every next situation garnered up a muddle against it.

This story doesn’t belong to only Annakuty & her son, but it’s also a story of Saramma, Mrs. Oster, and Marge.

I observed that a few of paragraphs might be done without which I felt just add-on the pages. Like the one where Tessibaby was travelling on plane, and some other paragraphs on: menstruation, smooching, breast, and sex. Though, they were add-ons, but I didn’t feel the book has anything to do with intimacy as commented by Jeet Thayil on the back of the cover page.

But yes, the book tells us that how people are so much obsessed with beauty, where black is always ugly.

Also, a few of grammatical errors, esp. punctuations, make you baffled with what the author is really conveying. And, if you aren’t acquainted with the South Indian language, it might take time to get that Annachechi was referred to Annnakutty.

Notwithstanding that, the story engages you till the end and leaves you perplexed. It believes that one should remember not only the things that have happened but also the things that are going to happen. It’s a story that holds optimism under the shadow of dark clouds. It deserves to be read, but you won’t read it again for its gloomy tale.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Mission of Introduction of Egalitarianism

With phenomenal rise in violence against women, and its significant cause deeply rooted into the system of patriarchy, it’s vital that we take stringent measures to at least lessen, if not eradicate completely, this horrendous crime.

The protest (after December 16 gang-rape case) was the repercussion of silence by our ancestors. Violence comes with prolonged silence and tolerance. Had even one member of each aggrieved woman’s family defied this tolerance, women of this country would be in different world.  

Post December 16, there transpired many gasping incidents with recent ones including: acid attack, rape of an eight month old girl, and rape of a woman by her own son. Shocking and ridiculous !!!

Given the major cause behind this amateur demeanour, miraculous transformation couldn’t be expected. So, we need to keep working on the mission of introduction of egalitarianism from the very birth of a child; where our next generation represents an altogether different country where no gender specific violence would occur. But, it demands wait of a long time and amid this period we couldn’t risk the precious lives of that every second female who gets victimized in every next hour. We should pledge that each and every mischievous conduct should be filed, or at least come into knowledge (why I have pointed out on getting of it into knowledge ‘only’- because each case is different in itself, and with their repercussions on the victim they need to be handled differently and diligently).

Our Delhi Police have been claiming to bring off the 80% of perpetrators behind the bars within a week. I don’t know how statistically correct this data is, but somewhere, we all know that still there would be bulk of cases which aren’t acknowledged yet, let alone get registered.

Charity begins at home. Our vow to stand against every single attitude which gives power to rule over someone could bring a great change. We don’t need to approach violence; we just need to protect that single person around us who is a victim of any such crime.

Bell Bajao Organisation has been continuously working on the campaign where men gather to end violence against women. To know more go to their link:

Please Protest!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: Movie Review

Theatrical trailers and arresting songs have already made it hit amongst the youths. So, a great opening of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani this year isn’t surprising et al.

Ayaan Mukherjee’s second directorial venture, after Wake Up Sid, is a story of friendship, love, ambitions, and hope. Bunny (Ranbir Kapoor) is a badtameez flirt as he believes it is crucial for good health. He wants to fly, run, and even fall, but not to stay (main udna chahta hoo, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoon par rukna nahi chahta). During a trip to Manali with his two best friends: Aditi (Kalki) and Avi (Aditya Roy Kapoor), he meets scholar Naina (Deepika Padukone) - who joins them at the last moment. After the trip, all four of them part ways to pursue their dreams, and meet again after eight years at the Rajasthani wedding of Kalki. Predictably, every hidden emotion burst out, and Bunny’s priorities get changed.

In this scorching hot weather, when you get to see chilly mountains of Manali; you would just love to be there straight from the cinema hall, esp. when Deepika and Ranbir reach on the peak of the mountain, and shout with exuberance. Cinematography is a gift for the audience.  

Deepika played an introvert girl who has never done any mischievous act, but is desperate to just come out & enjoy; thus joins the gang at the last minute. She exhibits her inner desires, and keeps giving Bunny googly pe googly. With a promo: “mujhe tumse pyaar ho jayega….. fir se”, it’s predictable that she was in love with Ranbir’s character earlier, and they meet after an intermission.

Aditya Roy Kapooor was seen in the same role what he played in Aashiqui2: a drunkard, but in a character role. Albeit, he played his role well, but he shouldn’t drink alcohol again coz it will be unbearable if done again. Kalki did justice with her character, for whatever duration she was there.

Madhuri Dixit’s ghagra song isn’t raunchy; you may enjoy it with family.  

I enjoyed its musical numbers: Balam Pichkari and Badtameez Dil which will make you bop & feel young, while other songs: Illahi and Kabira are lyrically good ones.

It’s a simple story full of emotions. Albeit, Wake Up Sid stands out but this one is also worth watching. So, just go & enjoy. Don’t think much! 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Always listen to your parents’ advice

Sun brightens the room with its rays to wake up the son of Malhotra family, named ‘Suraj’. He is a handsome but lazy boy who never matches up to his name. His day starts at 11:00 am. His room doesn’t exhibit life. His mother still insists him to brush properly & take shower. Being a single child, he was totally pampered; and never listened to his parents, and especially mother.

Born with a silver spoon, he never cared for his career. He flaunts his father’s luxury car, squanders his money on friends and alcohol, sleeps, and watches television.

A year, after graduation, lapsed in idleness. Suraj’s parents were getting worried about the future of their son. Gradually, his all friends got job, and he was left alone. And, eventually, he became a victim of depression and solitude. He started consuming antidepressants, and his alcohol intake was scaling up every day.  

One day his father climbed up stairs to his room. The room was pathetically wrecked, and full of alcohol stink. And, Suraj was in a very traumatic condition- totally shattered on the floor. He was suddenly rushed to Total Care Hospital.

Dr. Kalyani examined him completely. His health condition has become worse. Alcohol intake has completely damaged his system. His mouth was bleeding profusely. He was, then,  admitted to ICU. Three days passed, but there was no improvement in his health.

Dr. Kalyani: “His condition is very weak. His lungs are 50% damaged due to excessive alcohol intake, and his gums are bleeding profusely. His body isn’t giving any response.”

Mrs. Malhotra: “I asked him to visit hospital once when his mouth was bleeding but he didn’t listen to me, and never even told me his problems”, sobbing deeply.

Dr. Kalyani: “Has he been taking any medications?”

Mrs. Malhotra: “Yes, he started having some intakes of antidepressants”.

Dr. Kalyani: “Mrs. Malhotra, just pray to your God, and leave the rest to him. We are doing our best to save his life. Have faith.”

Then, after a week he went through a lung surgery, and was undertaken in utmost care.

His parents got aghast with his toothless mouth. His four teeth were removed, two from each sides.

Dr. Kalyani: “Antidepressant tablets lead to gum problems, that is why, we have to remove his teeth”.

Mr. Malhotra at his humour best, “My son has become old before me”.

His parents sat beside him every single day. Though unconscious, he was watching what pain his parents were going through. His parents’ love made him respond to the medicines, and after a fortnight he came out of danger.

Dr. Kalyani: “Now, your son is alright. Just keep good care of him and he will be a healthy guy again. We will do the filling of his mouth once he recuperates completely.”

Suraj’s parents moved toward his room. He was discharged later.

Now, Suraj is a dedicated loving guy who obeys his parents, and spends his time on dinner table with them.     

To take good care of your family, visit My Healthy Speak; and keep smiling.


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Shiva’s Fate in the Land of The Immortals of Meluha: Book Review

Author: Amish Tripathi

Publishing Company: Westland Ltd.

Pages: 397

Price: Rs. 195

With a sadhu in its cover page gesturing it as a mythological fiction (as I am not greatly inclined towards mythology & history), I didn’t give it a damn to reading this piece of narration, a debut by Amish (Tripathi) -who prefers to be called by his first name only as he doesn’t endorse caste system, which his first series of trilogy depicts where Lord Ram established the Maika system in the empire.  But, it’s instant hullabaloo in the market, and a recommendation with urge by the bookseller made me turn its pages. So, apparently certain anxiety groomed to read the magical thrill behind the scenes.  

It had failed to impress me first time, and I decided to lock it in the cupboard. But then, I went for a second chance to romance with the depiction of landscape & lifestyle of Gunas & Meluhans up to a few of pages, until I found a solace.

Shiva is a Tibetan immigrant whose tribe gets chosen by the Meluhans to spend a peaceful and rich lifestyle in a near perfect empire. This decision of migration might change the fate of Shiva for he would not be the chief but a regular guy. He accepts the offer as it should be better off rather to fight the Pakratis everyday for the survival.

With his entrance in the kingdom of Daksha, his destiny turns, to the depth of confusion, which he eventually accepts. And, its credit goes to the medicinal drink- Somras- which brought blue colour to the throat of Shiva, and thus, he was being declared Neelkanth- the god of Gods who had been eagerly awaited by the Meluhans to protect them from the evil spirits, Chandravanshis.  The sense of duty of Neelkanth towards the Meluhans was also driven by his love for Sati. Sati was a vikarma, where her bad fate had been carried off with an unfortunate event in the past. Amid the misery of where Shiva’s fate drives him, he found unveiled truth about the Chandravanshis. Later, with the guidance of Pandits he found serenity without discrimination.

In the last two pages, Pandit advises Shiva to go for his wife’s comforting embrace as they would discuss the conversation later, and here Amish leaves readers with the anxiety of ‘next what?’.

So, to unveil the truth behind the picture, you have to spend some bucks for the next two books in series.  ;)

I observed that the author had gone with the flow so much that he forgot to answer the queries of his protagonist (Shiva) – why did his tribe get chosen by the Meluhans.

I liked the way the author has portrayed the character of Daksha in respect to Shiva, unlike its depiction in the Hindu mythology; which brought my interest to read the other characters. I applaud his questioning of Lord Ram’s verdict for Sita.

Love of Shiva and Sati was very much Bollywood style which might be the raison d’être of its movie version- soon to be filmed. Albeit, it fascinated me first, but later it seemed exaggerated with their contest over the choice of baby.  

With some grammatical errors, I doubt if the editors have displayed their consummation with conviction.  

It’s a plain fiction with its characters’ names in resemblance with the characters of the Hindu mythology. Don’t misunderstand it with anything to do with mythology. It interested me later despite my mood swing, so yes, it’s readable. I have found it average one.

Tell me, how much it fascinated you.   

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Movie Review: Aashiqui2

The height of success doesn't stand with the height of love.

Mohit Suri’s directorial venture, Aashiqui2, has been in news even before its release, for the sequel of ‘90s musical hit film: Aashiqui, under the same banner of Mahesh Bhatt & Kumar. Besides it, tracks of Aashiqui2, especially “Tum hi ho”, has become a hypnotizing sensational tune to the nerves of everyone, and raison d’etre to its pre-release. 

The lead casts of this musical hit film, Aaditya Roy Kapur- who played character roles earlier, and Shraddha Kapoor- who played a quirky but determined girl, who made his boyfriend learn a lesson, are, here, performing just a contradiction to their past roles. Shraddha, as Aarohi, doesn’t mind hitting by his boyfriend, and Aaditya, as Rahul Jaykar, is a self-destructive drunkard singer and songwriter. Where Aaditya’s character gives him chance to prove his mettle, Shraddha’s character is not as much promising. She doesn’t seem successful to crafting the frame and was unfit to the bill. Her bubbly face is too cute to be serious.

While dealing with the downfall in career, Rahul Jaykar meets Aarohi- a struggler singer who sings in Goa bar to get her bread. He recognizes her potential to become the next best thing, and brings her to the world of dreams. From there their relationship gets a new meaning; and after many endeavors on part of Aarohi and Vivek (Rahul’s friend), film ends with an unexpected climax.

Many media critics found the couple’s relationship getting soured amid fame and heartbreak with the success of Aarohi, to say in resemblance with the Amitabh-Jaya starrer film “Abhimaan”. But, I didn’t find anything parallel to it. Instead, the relationship of Rahul & Aarohi is different. It’s a tale of unconditional love where compromise is a key word. There was no envy or competitiveness. Go to your nearest theatre, and tell me if you agree?

It’s a sad musical love ride with a few of good moments which escape in the fragile love journey. Albeit, the script was quite known & dialogues sounded little banal, the film made me cry. So yes, it is a onetime watch movie. Especially, its songs & lyrics have worked in its favor just like to its prequel.  

Share your views here; if you were already to theatre, or if you have planned to watch it with your loved ones.        

Enjoy the uploaded song! :)

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Birth of Beauty with Dignity

Nothing was her choice,
she was assumed to be always nice.
No need to share her views,
all need to ear other’s cues.

Was lost in the whirl
where no path was open to her.
Her innocence was mistaken,
she was unnerved & inherently shaken.

Won’t imbibe the venom anymore,
won’t let prevail the domineer anymore.
Would confront the dossier encore,
would endeavour to reach the shore.

Stubbed out the surreal lackey,
came out with dignified beauty.
Has unmasked her defiance &
proclaimed to spearhead her conscience.

This poem has been written on the basis of given painting & has been selected to be published in an online magazine EI of Ekphrasis India.  :)