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Thursday, 20 December 2012

21.12.2012: Am I going to Die?

Life & death is unpredictable- as a maxim is; but nothing is precluded from the intellectual minds of this 21st century to turn it into a possibility.  Here we are, predicting the demolition of our very own world- & that’s on: 21-december-2012! ;) Lol! J :D

It’s been in the news that there is no calendar after this particular date, so the world is going to sign off. But, our astrologers are smarter who are all there set with their predictions for 2013- according to the zodiac signs. So, have you checked if you have any catastrophe on the store? ;)

Well, I don’t go with the horoscopes, & life is unpredictable-as I believe, so just publishing this post as a memoir if I would be no more. And, if am all there exchanging my thoughts with you- just Laugh Out Loud  :D 

Terrorists/Talibanis should be craving for this doomsday to happen, as their sole purpose is just to murder the lives of human beings, because monsters don’t live et al. And, Ajmal Kasab must be smirking over the gesture of treatment he had received till his death. So what the hell, if he was hanged, everybody is now being queued up for the same.

There is another maxim that one has to reap the thorns for their sins on this earth. But, Delhi Bus Gang Rapists are still alive; in fact, our government is still not done with its verdict that how these monsters are going to repent. And, I’m too young to be counted on this pipeline coz my sin pot is still not even halfway to get full (mere paap ka ghada bharne mein time hai-coz I’m a good girl,hahaha…. ..). So!? 

Well, I’m also wondering whether Salman Khan’s next upcoming film: Dabanng 2 (yes, it’s releasing here on 21st December 2012-the same doomsday date!) would be able to cross the100 crore mark, or his audience would be regretting the last minute of their life for why they did book the ticket in advance? ;)  Did you buy any ticket yet?

Here, most of us are all set with our plans for the celebrations of Christmas & New Year. Are you? Wait! Hold for a day, & let the doom pass away. Get confirmed, & then organize your plans, so that you should not to have to repent the last minute of your life. It’s my humble request & an advice too.

Signing off!

Take care! Please, let me know, if you are still alive  ;) with date & time.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Liebster Blog Award is an award that is given by the Blogging community to new upcoming & deserving bloggers who have few readers, to motivate the writing bug in them.

It’s a great pleasure receiving this honour on the trajectory of “Exploring Innerself”, at least for me where someone, as here Sasikumar-who blogs at “The Beginner”- thinks me a deserving one (Liebster means ‘dearest/favourite’ in German). So, thank you Sasikumar for giving this prestigious award.


Here are the details on receiving this award:
  1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  2. Answer the questions that the nominator sets for you, plus create 11 questions for the people you nominated.
  3. Choose 11 deserving bloggers & link them.
  4. Go to their blogs & inform them about this.
  5. No tag backs.

Now, 11 things about me:

  1. I believe God keeps conspiring & giving us clue to explore the real ‘we’. Only we have to get the message.
  2. Writing is my passion, it makes me feel bliss.
  3. I love Maggi, rasmalai, & pizza; in fact, I am a big foodie.
  4. I believe in yoga, & not gym.
  5. My physique keeps fluctuating from fab to flab to fab. ;)
  6. I always pray that no girl should get raped. If God has to bring difficulties in her life to make her stronger it should be some other way, but not rape.
  7. I am a very sensitive & emotional girl, but a strong person too.
  8. I believe in forgiveness, apology, & fighting back too.
  9. I believe people & their views get changed. It’s just that: they were ignorant before & now they are in a learning phase.
  10. I am a straight-forward person, & I used to hate liars.
  11. But, now I am less of a stereotype, & have learned to forgive & forget.

Answers to the questions asked by my friend, Sasikumar:

1. Describe yourself in one line.
I am a learner who believes learning at every phase of life.                              

2. Why do you blog?

It makes me relieved out of inhibitions, & makes me feel bliss.

3. What is your aim?

To get the best writer in me.

4. If you have a Super power, what will you do?

I’ll bring equality in the genes of both genders, so that no one could overpower other; & no girl suffers rape.

5. One person whom, you want to be with all your life, why? (Not parents, lover, & children.)

My little sister, because I love her.

6. The person whom you miss desperately, why?

My friend- Shruti. I don’t know why, I am just missing her!

7. Most memorable moment in your life.

Once I went in a restaurant with my Di (I was a school student then!) & waiter served spring-rolls on the table. I just put the hot roll on my mouth whilst the waiter was standing just beside me. I felt like: ‘Gooooo, please, so that I could pull it out of my mouth!’  I could never forget that moment. J

8. Social-networking in your view.

You have the power to use it in either your favour, or mould it to bring the distractions in your life. At the end, it’s your choice!

9. Do you believe in love at first sight, if no-why?

I don’t believe in love at first sight, because people are manipulative these days.

10. One thing you like to change about yourself.

Anger management. ;)

11. Your views on my blog.

It’s a randomly put down of thoughts. I liked the Cinderella story.

I would like to nominate the following bloggers:

  1. Ravindra Rajput- Direct Dil Se

I thought of granting it to Panchali, Shivya Nath, Deepak Kripal, & others too, but they already have many followers. I think I am reading all blessed people, Lol!! ;) So, if you people go through this post, you may answer 'What you think of me & my blog?'. ;)

I would add other deserving bloggers- who have few followers- later as I would get them in contact.

I would like to ask these 11 questions to them:

  1. What is your one best & one negative quality?
  2. Do you live to eat or eat to live?
  3. Which is the best book you ever read?
  4. Whom do you love the most?
  5. What do you like/dislike about other people?
  6. Who do you share your secrets with?
  7. What is your best pass-time?
  8. Do you judge people with their face? Explain.
  9. Have you worn any gemstone?
  10. Do you believe in Astrology & Vaastu-shastra? Reason.
  11. What do you think of me & my blog?

Monday, 3 December 2012

Don the festive look everytime!

Life is too good to spend it in a drowsy way. Get up & have a festive look! You will, for sure, experience an amazing world around. :)

This royal blue outfit with polka dots, net sleeves, & beautiful embroidery on the neck gives you a royal look which is hard to get off the eyes. Pair this with beautiful Infinity jewellery set: gold plated necklace- with clear crystals & a pearl, earrings, & bracelet. Add this with DKNY dark brown wrist watch- making you more appealing. And, with this golden piece of ensemble, wear beautiful Lemon & Pepper gold-stripped sandals.

Cheer up yourself everyday! So, add a fresh look in your office wardrobe.

This attractive Haute Curry all over printed kurta with shaded dupatta & white chudidar pyjama will give you a feel-good factor. Team it up with Infinity earrings, bangle, rhodium plated white gold pendant, & Fastrack wrist watch. Carry this elegant & smart leather bag from Lavie with simple Lemon black-stripped sandals which would just work for you amid hectic schedule. 

And, if you wanna put on something formal & sophisticated yet charming; this next ensemble would be apt for you.

Put on this grey knee-length slim fit formal skirt from Austin Reed with Stop Mix N Match ladies pink cotton slim fit tunic to boost the feminine within you. Go with the crystal earrings, DKNY silver strap watch, & Haute Curry formal black pump shoes to complete the chic look.

There is also a piece of smart ensemble, if you are college going girl.

Don this Latin Quarters roll up sleeves black tunic with white mid waist slim fit Kraus jeggings. Put this black Breo soft touch rubber black strap with round analog dial in black watch on your wrist. Wear AYESHA metallic earrings & Haute Curry casual flat black sandals with upper crotchet to match with. Ensemble Elliza Donatein black (don’t go with the picture) shoulder bag (having patch work along with plaited straps at the edge) to pent up your books, & go for an outing to spend some time with your friends (after the classes) with this brown Opium fashion sunglasses to protect your eyes in noon time. 

Festive season is on full swing with parties & receptions lined up for the whole month.

So, ensemble this Kashish net embroidered stylized border with shimmer lining part-wear sari with Infinity crystal earrings, bracelet, and rhodium plated necklace. Also, an elegant steel strap Titan watch is a must to add on your party wardrobe to complete the look. Pair them with this Lemon evening wear footwear with beads on the upper portion leaving an anklet impression to absolute the sari look with simple & graceful Elliza Donatein wine clutch.

And, if you are invited to a high- profiled party, and would like to wear something classy but modest look; go for this one.

Pair this beautiful Ladies Quarter knee-length coral printed dress in chiffon fabric with AYESHA squared rhinestone studs, Haute Curry black clutch, an FCUK steel strap rectangular dial watch, & matching sandals from Pepper. With this classy look, you will surely get the attention!

Every time when you shall have to roam to different shops- to get a perfect look for the festive season- well prepared in advance! With right ensemble, you might feel more lively & energetic amid prolonged hours from noon to late evening.

Go with this knee-length digital print Seven East kurai with mandarin collar in georgette fabric & black Stop Mix N Match chudidar pyjama. Pair them with a simple red bangle, matching earrings & a tote bag with sequin and embroidered patch from Haute Curry. Wear nice & simple steel strap round dial Citizen Watch with brown faded sunglasses from Opium on noon time, and roam with flat casual Catwalk footwear whilst shopping.

Now, as winter season is here, and (with December) foggy environment is going to rule the northern India; spend your outings while sipping hot coffee-donning a smart & nice look.

Pair this Allen Solly- dark grey, boat neck, waist tie up, full sleeves- knit dress with intarsia pattern with Kraus mid waist skinny fit black jeggings and boots with velvet material from Inch.5. Pair them with Real Effect silver earring with cut stones set in platinum and ESPRIT Timewear black metallic strap & round dial watch to get the gothic but fashionable look.

These outfits have been put together for the contest organized by Indiblogger & ShoopersStop.

This post has won Runner-Up Prize. :)