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Thursday, 20 December 2012

21.12.2012: Am I going to Die?

Life & death is unpredictable- as a maxim is; but nothing is precluded from the intellectual minds of this 21st century to turn it into a possibility.  Here we are, predicting the demolition of our very own world- & that’s on: 21-december-2012! ;) Lol! J :D

It’s been in the news that there is no calendar after this particular date, so the world is going to sign off. But, our astrologers are smarter who are all there set with their predictions for 2013- according to the zodiac signs. So, have you checked if you have any catastrophe on the store? ;)

Well, I don’t go with the horoscopes, & life is unpredictable-as I believe, so just publishing this post as a memoir if I would be no more. And, if am all there exchanging my thoughts with you- just Laugh Out Loud  :D 

Terrorists/Talibanis should be craving for this doomsday to happen, as their sole purpose is just to murder the lives of human beings, because monsters don’t live et al. And, Ajmal Kasab must be smirking over the gesture of treatment he had received till his death. So what the hell, if he was hanged, everybody is now being queued up for the same.

There is another maxim that one has to reap the thorns for their sins on this earth. But, Delhi Bus Gang Rapists are still alive; in fact, our government is still not done with its verdict that how these monsters are going to repent. And, I’m too young to be counted on this pipeline coz my sin pot is still not even halfway to get full (mere paap ka ghada bharne mein time hai-coz I’m a good girl,hahaha…. ..). So!? 

Well, I’m also wondering whether Salman Khan’s next upcoming film: Dabanng 2 (yes, it’s releasing here on 21st December 2012-the same doomsday date!) would be able to cross the100 crore mark, or his audience would be regretting the last minute of their life for why they did book the ticket in advance? ;)  Did you buy any ticket yet?

Here, most of us are all set with our plans for the celebrations of Christmas & New Year. Are you? Wait! Hold for a day, & let the doom pass away. Get confirmed, & then organize your plans, so that you should not to have to repent the last minute of your life. It’s my humble request & an advice too.

Signing off!

Take care! Please, let me know, if you are still alive  ;) with date & time.


  1. correct, no point planning christmas and new year celebrations yet. we might have to celebrate in hell.

    enjoyed reading this post :)

  2. This entire episode of doomsday is very entertaining and so is your post Gayatri. Well, I am still alive and wondering whether the doomsday will take into consideration all time zones. :)

    1. Hahaha.... :) May you always live your life full of joy, & yes, I'm also alive.

  3. I am alive. And I am happy. :D I have many chores to sort out before I die. And Mayans could never have spoiled my plans. :P


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