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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Jan Lokpal Bill………the journey continuing……..

 Gandhi topi is again on the streets & this time with a conviction to not let the government eludes the anti-corruption bill, not let the government makes any rhetoric concoction to turn the bow altogether otherwise. This time it might be a prolonged journey for the team Anna to bring the Jan Lokpal Bill on table but capitulation would not be the conclusion to this discourse.

Team Anna members have started their Anshan (fast) from today (25th July 2012) & have given an ultimatum of 3 days to the government to work upon the matter. And, if after the completion of the ultimatum period government wouldn’t behave in this regard, Anna would also take a leap to the Anshan.
Albeit, everyone is amid the confusion (including me) if this Jan Lokpal Bill would ever come on table & if, however, it would come to the table, would it work, would it eradicate the corruption altogether;  but one thing is sure that everyone wants it get worked. How far would this Anshan go & how prolonged would be this fight; one may not prejudice, on the basis of number of people gathered on the ground, this time unlike it had always been the backing to decide the parameter of success of the anti-corruption fight.
If team Anna, as it has said, would not succumbed to the government’s tactics & would be firm to its path to fight the misdemeanor, the aam-junta who has still been refraining to come to the ground would come to the floor & the toll would definitely rise towards upward motion. People would, for sure, get sensitive toward the crusader of this journey against the corruption who leaves no stone unturned to bring the perpetrators to justice. Despite being an eighty plus man, he comes back with that vigor & valor again & again to make us realize that we may not & should not move forward with this illicit criterion of working.

 Though people still think that it may not cure the widespread epidemic as it would be handled by the same people (like us) who have been pocketing bribes, but even then, it brings the hope to alleviate the germ. It’s not like it is the fool-proof strategy to mar the corruption system but it would, at least, reduce the corruption level from the bottom. When it would be levied as a law people, who have been giving & taking bribes for college admissions & other such procedures to get work done, would abstain themselves while getting embraced to the system as everyone has not the power at their back to provide them bail.
Let’s hope for the best to come & work toward this motion at our own end with not abetting the bribery system & move on our path of fair & justice with conviction.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Do you believe in the institution of marriage???.....

I was just going through the newspaper magazine & ended up with a Bollywood actress’ interview where she talked about her boyfriend & her believe in the institution of marriage.
She doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage. She believes that love is not about binding someone in chain & stamping it with the marriage certificate. True!!!.....As far as there is love & commitment, one doesn’t need to prove it with getting married. Love is all about freedom & sharing emotions with each other, to be there always around your love when he/she needs you most.

Whenever we go through these kinds of stuffs, at once it strikes our mind, ‘how beautiful!!!.........’ We keep praising them for their beautiful emotions & try to adopt it into our lifestyle. A star makes a statement & it becomes a headline of the newspaper.

It struck me too & I kept pondering- ‘do I believe in the institution of marriage or not?’- what I believe is, when someone says that she doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage, she converses a statement to be further added that till her love isn’t going to marry someone else it doesn’t matter whether they are married. Because the moment your love would decide to marry someone other than you, you would go for a question if you weren’t his love.  Didn’t he find you good enough to spend his entire life with you, ‘his love’? Don’t you feel, then, to get married?

When you say that you don’t believe in marriage-don’t deny your internal desire with surreal statements- you mean though you believe in marriage & want to exchange your rings, but you want to give your love his own space. You don’t want to compel him; you want him to live his life the way he wants. Love is just like that. It makes you feel free though it wants you to get enclosed into it completely.

Don’t weigh it against the most often situation when someone leaves his/her spouse for another love. It’s something very different as here you may not quote about your perception of marriage.

We are human beings & it hurts when someone, whom you loved the most, ditch you in the midway. Marriage is the certificate of commitment, but yes……..if there is love it doesn’t matter how far it would take you to get that certificate. Eventually, when we get married with the person we are in love with, we feel at the top of the world.


Thursday, 12 July 2012

Slept Again!

It was so dull & gloomy,
melancholy was fully straggled,
lassitude was at its depth
beckoning me to sleep again!

                                                            Papa was not nice
                                                            to let me have this pleasure,
                                                            ordered for getting up instantly
                                                            to stand under the shower.

I went to get fresh
but my soul was still pampered,
it was so dullard
making me sleep again & again!

                                                            Fortunately, I met my dear friend
                                                            but a geek had also a presence there,
                                                            his demeanor made me slept again
                                                            I felt myself missing somewhere.

Didn’t I behave kindly?
Iteration was disturbing there.
Whole day passed as such,
my lassitude conquered me
& I slept again!