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Monday, 27 August 2012

Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage! (We or I?)

It’s a much debated topic for every generation. It’s one of the topics which makes you get pondered when you are likely to get married & it also makes you worried when your child is likely to knot the relationship, even if you were having a Love Marriage, because relationship isn’t geometry where a theory always ends to a single answer and thus, Hence Proved!!
I am not married neither I am in a love relationship going through challenges to verdict my opinion as true or false. I have just only one thing to opine my views and it’s Heart. When you take any decision from your heart then it’s always right albeit it’s on the left side. It brings proximity to your loved ones & let not lose you your beautiful ties.

Often this debate arises when either there is a communication gap or two poles aren’t likely to meet the end. Here, one thing needs to keep in mind by both the parties in this rigmarole that we (parents & children) must not rush with our decision. Marriage is a perennial bond. A single mistake may portend a gloomy picture without hues. Remember! Risk-takers aren’t applauded always.
Marriage is not important, a Happy Married Life is more important!

For a successful & happy marriage, the most required ingredient is love. After all, sab rasmo se badi hai jag mein dil se dil ki sagayi…….. If there is no love between couples, it’s more like a pistol without trigger where one would find it not facile enough to appropriate the exclusive ornament (heart) & it’s more like a dish served without food which may wane your nerves to take off every day blunders happening in life. But, this doesn’t conclude that Arranged Marriages don’t lead to love or love is confined to Love Marriages Only!

Well! Exceptions are here, where even a single meeting makes you believe that he/she is the Only one; but that is something very rare. In this internet-anchored life & enough of matrimonial sites around us, people masquerade themselves (something my loved one experienced many times) & conceal their professional details in this dowry-system country. Better spend some time together & communicate.

If I would be asked to choose the one, I would tone in favor of Love Marriage. What I believe, before leaping into the second journey of life it’s imperative to be acquainted with the person you have chosen to pack your tour bags with. In this fast paced life we hardly get time to spend with each other, let alone comprehend each other’s wits. If your intelligence automobile doesn’t have same tracks how would you be assured of arriving it at the same platform?

Arrange a rendezvous, either you or your family. Share each other’s hobbies, desires & emotions (it’s not vital to agree at every single point) and when you feel love in the air and you may share your pages of life & become a good book, just Marry!

Confused? Family, Love & Marriage???

Often, people think Love Marriages do not involve family, at least at the very inception of the relationship & before reception. And, Arranged Marriages have been misunderstood with a meeting arranged by parents for two people where they get acquainted with each other & give their consent to tie the knots. No!!! It is also a Love Marriage! When you meet each other & eventually agree to marry, somewhere you must have felt something special about that person to give your heart-key for the lifetime. How frequently you met & how long that duration was, doesn’t matter.

Arranged Marriages happen with the consent of two families where two ‘strangers’ agree to be in a relationship without much ado.

Now, let’s come to the discourse where dilemma crops up because of disagreement at parents’ end. Convince. If you are determined about your relationship & have full confidence on your love, keep convincing your parents. At the end, either you would be able to convince them or you would get convinced with them. When we aren’t convinced about something but stubborn to dissuade, we kneel down later (exceptions reserved in case of Khap panchayats).

If you were through any adversity in your life, you would have realized that they just want you to be happy; albeit it may happen that they might have taken some time. That is where the term Convince enters. Every relationship has its sweet & sour moments. God forbid! But a sour moment in your life with no one around to share your anxiety may lose your belief in the relationship & bring it to an end.

It’s blissful if you pose for your marriage photographs with your family.

Meet beautiful people, fall in love and get married & live life Happily Ever After!

God Bless You!

 This post has been written for the Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage contest organized by Sony Entertainment Television & Indiblogger.

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  2. Thank you dear!
    Please post your thought, I'm eager to know your thoughts. Let them ape! just believe yourself. :)

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    1. Thank you so much for your concern dear, I have done it now :)

  4. Nicely written... me from TGTOWN.. How have u been?

    1. Thank you dear!
      Nice to see you here :)

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