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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Letter to the Inner Voice

      Inner Voice
It’s being said that you are always beautiful, so do I need to get formal & ask you if you are hale & hearty? Every Shakespeare keeps advising to listening one’s inner voice (Oho, blushing!) as it makes one being true to oneself & brings proximity towards God. The Inner Voice is always true & paves the way for true pleasure & happiness.

Having a fervor to explore something new, brought me into this blogging world where I realized (& yes, it’s just because of ‘you’!) that how much I love penning down my thoughts which yearns me for getting into it deeply. It just makes me relieved out of inhibitions. When I execute the cobweb where my feelings were being caged, I feel bliss.

As I inherited this writing bug from my father, besides being brought up in this technically-advanced world, I found my way to cherish the beauty of letters. When my elder sister migrated to a new city for job, I commenced sending her greeting cards on her each birthday while penning down my thoughts onto it which makes her smile &, she keeps her eye on the door for the courier. I could either SMS or e-mail her, but that wouldn’t guarantee a smile on her face which I delineate through a smiley on the back of the card.   

Well! I have written this letter to express gratitude to ‘you’ for letting me know the raison d’etre of mine, whenever there was an aberration. I don’t know if this is a digital letter or an Aerogram to my fellow bloggers, but for me it’s an oblation to the auspicious ‘one’. I know you are always in me, but often it takes distances to cover up that one single route to truth. I pray that I always get to you early.

Yours truly,

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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lit Diwali for you

May you blossom everywhere

&, share the platter with joy & care.

May you show the way to happiness

&, light the candle with brightness.

 May your life get full of hues

&, you shine like a star on every nook.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

My Dream Girl!

Albeit, I mean a chatter-box,
but her charisma makes me feel; even I don’t know how to talk.
She exudes confidence with her style of walking,
but don’t know why mine always gets gawky.

Her benevolence makes her more beautiful,
I don’t know even how to get dutiful.
She doesn’t even let a grimness shatter someone,
then how could I flatter her.

I know she is not a chauvinistic,
but don’t know if her family would give me a kick.
I don’t want to make a hash of her life,
but promise to fondle her day & night.

She doesn’t hobnob with everyone,
it gives me a doubt, if I am ‘Someone’.
I gathered my valor to give a shot
&, babbled until she made me stop.

Her three beautiful words froze me,
but her laughter broke the silence, & amazed me.
My Dream Girl is now mine,
I pray, our bond would always shine.

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Being Solitary!

It’s not been a single day,
when you weren’t in my pray.
Life has unfolded many curves
&, placed me on different turfs.

I might not roam everyday,
but my soul keeps sway.
My heart screams for you,
it dreams, day & night, only you!

I don’t cherish any fest around,
when you are not surround.
You might be thinking it my chagrin,
but it’s painful to live with such a din.

I might have touched the peak,
but all that seem such a bleak.
Day & night, all seem alike,
when you aren’t at sight.