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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

One shopping experience which drove me crazy!

Everyone loves gifts. Albeit, we don’t ask for the same but somewhere we just wish to get it from our loved ones. And, it excites us every time! Gifts drive everyone crazy & one gets crazier when they have to gift the ‘one’ someone!

Thoughts which keep the mind wallowing in are- how your loved ones would react to, whether they would like it, is it really worth of keep, & blah blah blah ......................

But, one thing which makes one bother much more than any thought is- does it give a replica of our miser attitude? Sometimes, we are just short of money but want to gift our loved ones something which would make them feel loved, and doesn’t give them a thought of its cheapness.

Albeit, every time when I have to bestow someone with largesse, my forehead lines protrude-kya doon??? But, this year when my younger sister birthday came in July, I found myself, indeed, helpless!

My relationship with my younger sister is just like a Tom & Jerry Cartoon Show. There are usual fights, then a documentary show where just silence & gestures play a substantial role, and then our love toward each other which is blissful- where everyone just wants to be a part of it.

So, we had a fight a week before her birthday & somehow, we patched up only to go into another one just a day before her birthday. Though, I keep pondering what to gift her on her every birthday but there is always a tendency to have a second choice-in case, if I won’t get the first choice or if it would not be the best one to offer. Because, we had a fight, there was more pressure this time. Her coaching classes were getting cancelled every time & she was all there in home to get my surprise packed for her. It was just her birth-day when I went to have her gift. I went mall to mall but nothing made me feel to offer which also suited my pocket. I am not a miser, but I was just short of money! Finally, I took a back turn to a mall which I visited first. I went Globus, finally to get her bangles. She loves them! I loved just two of the bangles amongst them,  & got baffled with making choice between them-which one to offer. Both were pretty, but one was tagged slightly above the price I could pay for. Finally, I chose the cheaper one (but, it was not so cheap- if you are aware of the brand Globus!).

Because, we had a fight, I wanted to have a patch up before her birthday. I, just, wanted to let her get that I had bought the gift for her. I wanted to get her know. I was pretending to make endeavors to keep her gift a secret from her, but nothing seemed to be working out. Usually, we gift during the cake-cutting ceremony; but this time I was just short of patience. At midnight, when usually I wish her birthday with just kisses & hugs; this time I gifted the bangle too. And, it just made my day (Oops, night!), when she told that she was just wishing to get the ‘same’ bangle when she went with her friends the same Globus showroom. Ahh,............I felt grateful to God that I was short of money!
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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Jai Maa Durga!

सौन्दर्य का दर्शन हुआ
हृदय उस पर अर्पण हुआ
एक ओर असुर शूरवीर था
दूजा चंचल मन विचलित गंभीर था
प्रस्ताव विवाह का प्रस्तुत किया
इंकार एक पल  न मंजूर किया
 छेड़ा युद्ध का प्रतिशोध
बाड़ों की वर्षा थी चारों ओर
नवरात्र  बीती इस मदभेड़  में
अंत था असुर का समीप में
विकट  रूप धारण शक्ति ने संहार किया
ग्रीवा अर्पण महिषासुर ने नतमस्तक किया
चामुण्डा भी काली भी तू
शेरावाली रखवाली भी तू

नवरात्र की शुभकामनाएँ  :)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Hero of Romance!


Challa hansda phire
Challa rounda phire
Challa gali-gali rulda phire………………..

The Hero of Romance is back! His eyes, his smile & his charm when comes in a single pack, it’s fruitful & not fulsome even at the age of 40 plus. He fawns on camera the way no other actor does. You may not just ignore him. He makes you feel love, he makes you shed tears, he clefts your heart apart, he makes you fall prey & bluffs again. 

You must be thinking me a big FAN of him. Yes! I’m or I have become…………ummmmm……….after this video.  ;)  Again, don’t think otherwise! Albeit, I realized my love for him so late but he was never rolled on to the ‘I don’t like him’ directory. It was just a matter of…………..   ;)

He started his career with television series Fauji which earned him critical acclaim & career in Bollywood with a debut in Deewana. I have grown up watching him as a successful Bollywood star. By that time, I didn’t know what makes an actor a successful star & why should I love him. As gradually, I was growing; I realized his persona as someone with big fan following. But, even then he always left his impact as an actor who knows how to make you glued & associated with the character. He doesn’t only discern the character of his film well but his audience too. 

When he romanced with his ladies in Dil Waale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Dil To Pagal Hai and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai- It felt like romantic characters must be played like this, what’s the big deal! Lucky man!! His every movie makes him win a Filmfare Award! But, now I got that he was not a lucky man but a dedicated actor willing to work relentlessly.

I am more inclined toward stories with substance & importance their characters hold with them. But then; romance, comedy, horror & other genres also hold their own importance. We as an audience want everything & don’t want any boredom to exist with a decade telling stories of just one flavor. Hypocrite people!  ;)  And, I must confess that I love love-stories & that too where there only circumstances play a villain. I don’t like Dishum Dishum. Thumping, whipping & punching. No!! It’s very rare and when story is rare too.

As I started getting little more mature, his critically acclaimed films were in the showcase. Swadesh, Chak De! India, My Name Is Khan. He played them beautifully & won laurels. I was in love with his characters.

Then, there are Om Shanti Om & Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. When he proclaims his love for the lady, every lady sitting amongst the audience wishes a guy like him in her life. No?  That’s what charisma is all about! And now, I fell in love with romantic characters too.  

His recent one, Ra.One failed to bring success to his kitty but that doesn’t lower his grade anymore. Life is all about achievements & failure and the one who rises above them is worthy of exaltation.  

And………………..with all above praise & honor to our loveable Baadshah, you must be groping in darkness with the curiosity that what was that matter which refrained me fell in love with him??? He, as a person? No, No, not et all! (In fact, what I believe, his personal life gives him prowess to perform romance with his co-actors.)

What I didn’t like about him was……………….

His long tresses with fringes over the forehead! Aiyya!! I don’t like guys with long tresses, a Big No! And when, if I’m not wrong, he came with a fresh look in Kal Ho Na Ho with tresses fully chopped off, I uttered ‘he is looking smart’. Hahaha! After that film, I started liking him. I mean, if someone would ask me about my favourite hero; Shah Rukh Khan is one of them. Don’t smile at your bench, please!

His upcoming movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan- The Poem has made me fall in love with this actor who is 40 plus & who still rules our heart. When I saw its video, especially the Challa one, when he romances (again) with his (own) character & when he jumps with fist toward the sky-it sells ‘I am still Young’ spirit. And, with that I keep uttering- ise kehte hain SRK (this is called SRK) & keep humming the song.

I just want to say- Tera wo hasna rulana
                              Tera wo dil jeet ke le jana,
      Nahi bhulenge tujhe
                              Jab tak hai jaan, jab tak hai jaan!  :)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Love is Blissful!

Love is blissful
yet it hurts you.
Love is bashful
yet it cages you in its arm.

Love is a deep-ocean
yet it makes you fly.
Love is not devoid of expression
yet it needs your expression.

Love is not comprehensible
yet it means to you.
Love is precious
yet it is priceless.

Love is a flow
yet it holds your tears with tender.
Love doesn’t go with colors
yet it is full of hues.

Love is irresistible
yet it bonds with you.
Love doesn’t happen with everyone
yet it happens to everyone.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Muscle the shoulders!

It was a first clash over economy between Mitt Romney & Barack Obama for the Presidential Elections. Both contestants were competent enough to contend the nomination of each other & why they deserve more to hold the responsibilities of an economy going through the crises.

Well! This post is not about the efficacy of any of the two contestants of US Presidential Elections, in fact, what I am concerned toward  is something more imprinted on & apropos of to us (Indians).  

If you would have gone through the debate of these two prominent personalities even for a short while, you must have noticed that they were there confronting each other & theirs policies and strategies over a single podium where they are hardly aware about the points which will be going to put in by the rival. It’s more of an extempore & less of a debate. Unlikely, their Indian counterparts who are always busy to take advantages over the errors put by the rivals on a public interface, they (American politicians) seemed to be mulled over the situation in advance. When there is a debate over the future of an economy it is very obvious to pin-point the loopholes of the opponent & especially the ruling one, but if the other party lacks the vision to offer something other than restructuring the workings of the ruling party, it’s nothing more than a filthy politics.

Our politicians talk more about the loopholes of the opponent party instead of endeavors they have manoeuvered to tackle the situation. They plan their strategies while bringing out shortcomings of the other party which confines their function of planning in advance & portrays their actual concern toward the safety of the Prime-Minister kursi instead of the well-being of the aam-admi. And, it’s really pathetic!

Every one of us (aam-admi) is mature enough to comprehend the dilemmas a ruling party has to go through while meeting out the tasks. We are not in a delusion that our every wish would be performed but at least offer something concrete to us which might give us a reason to back you. If they think that their rhetoric speeches are going to work every time, it’s high time to muscle the shoulders. Don’t try to fool us! We want results. We want development, education, sanitation, safety & relief from inflation.