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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

All that Matters is Self-Belief

I would have been paving the path pre-defined. Being a good academic, my career was sorted out by my parents bearing in mind- I would do justice to it. But, the person who doubted the most about its execution was- me. I never wanted to tread over the conventional routes, and moreover, something which doesn’t interest me. Albeit, I wasn’t clear about what to do, I knew I wanted to do something which wakes me up every next morning with that same excitement to do justice with my work as what I would feel at the very first day of my job.

As destiny finds its own way, with serendipity, blogging came across me. In its oblivion way, writing became a part of my life, even though I wasn’t obliged to pursue it. It brought bliss in my monotonous life. But, with semester examinations of professional course approaching every six months, I decided to concentrate on my studies. Meanwhile, I realized that writing became my love, and love shouldn’t be left midway.

I believe passion may never be an option; it’s always your premier objective to achieve. I may not say, I would be an author/ a writer later in my life.

I’m acquainted with- it’s not such a lucrative career. But, that doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that I would lose myself if I quit. Like everyone, I want to earn a decent income for my survival. And, for that, I’m putting my all endeavors to get a job as a writer. But, every time, I earn only applauses and not the job. But, this continual failure gives me fortitude to persevere my dreams with new vigor, every time. I am ready to learn what it takes to accomplish the success, but I’m reluctant to leave my dream as an option. My attitude shouldn’t be mistaken as an aggressively stubborn one; instead, it’s my assertiveness to follow the passion. It’s my fear of losing the identity which takes me forward and has taught me the value of patience & tolerance. For me, success isn’t having a great bank-balance at your end, but having peace in your mind which comes with doing what you enjoy the most.

I believe with determination and self-belief you may accomplish everything. I have always been a risk-taker. During my graduation, I opted for the mathematics just to get rid of its phobia, and later secured the merit. This self-belief and determination keeps you going against the tides. And, as it’s been said: “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. I have tremendous faith in my Almighty & myself that one day tides will turn in my favour.  

Dreams dyed in the wool,
coloured with different tool(s).

Passing through different phases of life,
transforming from the raw into the ripe.

With each phase it gets strong,
no alteration if something goes wrong.

It has to consider each brief,

All that Matters is Self-Belief.

This post has been written for the contest organized by Blogadda in association with INKLive 2013.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Riding through the unknown routes of Delhi

I left my city and came to Delhi to join my friend- who had come to the city a week before. We were new in the Capital city of India, and were totally perplexed where to start our journey from. Then, my friend came through a contest organized by a travelling company: where only new Delhites are supposed to enter, and make a trip to visiting places while riding through the unknown routes of Delhi.

That was the second last day of the challenge. And yes, it means only one more day was left for the participation. The opportunity seemed very pleasing to us, and we didn’t wanna lose it. So registration was done.

There were some conditions told to us by the executive of the company, they were:

You have to pass through the India Gate.

You have to have a visit to a temple.

You have to make your trip as cheap as you can.

A car to be chosen for the trip shouldn’t be damaged or untidy, otherwise you should have to pay the damage.

You may shop for maximum 15 min. for which you should be reimbursed by the company if you stand as first 3 winners.

You may ask for only one clue, though you may ask for the help from general public as many times as you want.

You should be accompanied by an executive of the company.

Trip should be completed under 2hrs 15 min.

Trip should be finished over a visiting place only.

With so many conditions, we had to deliberately plan our trip. So, we asked for the nearest visiting place, and made the first mistake. Now, we were left with no clue to ask for. Phew! We chose our very own Maruti 800. And, there we go!!

As we entered in the Maruti 800, Ambi Pur air freshner was already affixed there to make our trip soothing.

We initiated from Lodi Tomb (as told by the executive), and then reached to India Gate. After showing our respect to “Amar Jyoti”, we headed toward the Khan Market. My friend bought a book & I bought an Ayurvedic cosmetic product.  ;)   We asked for a nearby visiting place, and the shopkeeper told us about Janpath- known for the handicraft and cheap jewellery. Then after wandering for a few of minutes, it came to our knowledge that Jantar Mantar is just a few minutes away from here. Here, we came to know about Akshardham Temple. Then, we speeded up for Sunder Nagar. If you have to buy art, antiques, and silver jewelery; mark it in your ‘do visit’ list. We were left with the few minutes, so we decided to visit Purana Quila which is just 10 min. away from there.

After having gone through the labyrinth (as we actually had no idea), we decided to conclude our trip here only, as the time was about to finish. And, we were fully exhausted. No more energy was left there to visit another place. And moreover, we had to conclude at a visiting place.

This was really a treat for us, and it was something which would be remembered for ages. Albeit, we stood second but that doesn’t matter. This road trip to Delhi was all worth of. All thanks to the travelling company.  ;)

This post has been written for the contest organised by Indiblogger & Ambi Pur.

This post is one of the winning stories of the contest.  :)

Monday, 22 July 2013

Change for Love

When we come across two people of different age- groups, it’s likely of them to differ in opinions. Their parameter of understanding is always under skepticism- whether one would comprehend the opinion of the other or would completely dissent with the matter.

To attain the consent of both parties, it’s vital to have an amicable relationship between the two. It’s indispensable that both parties share their opinions with empathy towards each other.

In our society, still there are many homes where a child is hesitant to share his/her views with the parents. Still, there are many people who are confined to the boundaries of caste, creed, and religion. Often, it is being observed that this bogey has been put up with not for the love of society but for the fear of society. We have been raised with moral of keeping others happy. So, even in our personal matters, we consider the opinion where the society should be happy.

In that case, when a child falls in love with someone who doesn’t belong to the same caste, and parents would always told him/her that he/she should be married to the one holding their patriarchal surname; it’s palpable in apropos of the child to expect the obstinacy.

But, I have seen the parents changing their belief, where they have got agree to embrace something which they were adhesively against toward. At the end of the day, what matters the most for parents is the happiness of their child. If the child is happy, parents have no qualms about what the society believes in.

I have seen & I have learnt: no matter how many times you have dissent with your parents, eventually they want you to live your life happily.

This post has been written for the contest I Saw, I Learnt organized by Tata Capital & Blogadda.   

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Love is you

My love for you is not a fake,
it might be not a chocolate cake.

Though it’s still very much raw,
& we have our own flaw(s).

But every bond goes through turmoil,
& we may prevent it with foil.

My demeanor might be little bitter & gall,
but I get you, even when you say nothing at all.

There might not be a single clue,
but my love is only you.

I love you!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by Blogadda.

Saturday, 6 July 2013


Author: Mridula Koshy

Publishing Company: HarperCollins Publishers

Pages: 352

Price: Rs. 499

With IndiBlogger’s “Pick a Book” offer and my inquisitiveness for the literary work made me order this literature fictionby Mridula Koshy.

This thick book of 350 pages has been told in 3 days (18-20 May 2004) at the United States & South India, and travels onto the past & the future. A melancholic tale of a woman- who relinquishes her four-year old son & her son- who struggles for a story that will allow him to live, this story leaves you with a grief-stricken silence that its main characters: Annakutty and Asa Gardner possess with time till the end.

Annakutty abandons her four-year old son born out-of-wedlock under coercion, and regrets her decision lifetime. She waits for her son on deathbed, and at the same time her son who dwells faraway at the U.S. lands in Delhi to explore the details in apropos of his past which would meet him his biological mother. Whether their patience releases them from their past or leaves them apart, you unfold your own.

Ah! This narration has, indeed, checked my patience that how far I could carry on with the melancholy. It’s been written in a certain way that after a time you might get jaded, but even then you keep it up for the disclosure of climax where every next situation garnered up a muddle against it.

This story doesn’t belong to only Annakuty & her son, but it’s also a story of Saramma, Mrs. Oster, and Marge.

I observed that a few of paragraphs might be done without which I felt just add-on the pages. Like the one where Tessibaby was travelling on plane, and some other paragraphs on: menstruation, smooching, breast, and sex. Though, they were add-ons, but I didn’t feel the book has anything to do with intimacy as commented by Jeet Thayil on the back of the cover page.

But yes, the book tells us that how people are so much obsessed with beauty, where black is always ugly.

Also, a few of grammatical errors, esp. punctuations, make you baffled with what the author is really conveying. And, if you aren’t acquainted with the South Indian language, it might take time to get that Annachechi was referred to Annnakutty.

Notwithstanding that, the story engages you till the end and leaves you perplexed. It believes that one should remember not only the things that have happened but also the things that are going to happen. It’s a story that holds optimism under the shadow of dark clouds. It deserves to be read, but you won’t read it again for its gloomy tale.