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Thursday, 30 August 2012

I fear one of my Family members ;-)

I fear, if she is near,
she always brings me quivers.
I dare not pass through her,
when she does, I may not stand beside her.
I may beat anyone,
but she is someone, I may not touch even!
What to do, she has that damn attitude,
my mind keeps yelling to get the single cue.

Hey! Do you feel the same? I knew this. Look at her, she never brings that charm to let you think about any proximity towards her, let alone feel love for her. I know, after having a glance at her picture, you would never want to have a dream of it. In fact, you would never want to have a second look at her picture. Right! But, I must tell you she is damn better in this picture.
            You get baffled, even, when I would bring her identity before you. Her name is chhipkali (lizard)! I always keep wondering whether this creature has any buds (kali) to her kitty. Don’t you think her name makes her no less than a riddle? Hahahaha…………
            I guess; you must have someone at your home resembling this nasty one whom you dare not pass through, who must bring you quivers & who you may not dream stand beside to. Sometimes, I feel pity for myself. I feel like a puppet. She keeps roaming everywhere & I have to digress my way to work at my own home. Huh!..............
            I’m not the only one who tolerates her & get goose-bumps with her presence. Cockroaches & their nocturnal buddies have been, even, served to death. She may creep to them everywhere, it doesn’t matter whether they crawl beneath the bench or fly on the ceiling. She has that witty mind. Whenever she gets her prey, she sets herself a little back to not let her victim get the cue of her presence & then……..with her wits she pussyfoots towards the hapless creature & gulps it with a burp.
            What to say more! She is just someone I am fed up with.

And, you know why this page has this unique text background? Because, she spat her venom while I was penning down against her.I tried to rub it & it got even.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage! (We or I?)

It’s a much debated topic for every generation. It’s one of the topics which makes you get pondered when you are likely to get married & it also makes you worried when your child is likely to knot the relationship, even if you were having a Love Marriage, because relationship isn’t geometry where a theory always ends to a single answer and thus, Hence Proved!!
I am not married neither I am in a love relationship going through challenges to verdict my opinion as true or false. I have just only one thing to opine my views and it’s Heart. When you take any decision from your heart then it’s always right albeit it’s on the left side. It brings proximity to your loved ones & let not lose you your beautiful ties.

Often this debate arises when either there is a communication gap or two poles aren’t likely to meet the end. Here, one thing needs to keep in mind by both the parties in this rigmarole that we (parents & children) must not rush with our decision. Marriage is a perennial bond. A single mistake may portend a gloomy picture without hues. Remember! Risk-takers aren’t applauded always.
Marriage is not important, a Happy Married Life is more important!

For a successful & happy marriage, the most required ingredient is love. After all, sab rasmo se badi hai jag mein dil se dil ki sagayi…….. If there is no love between couples, it’s more like a pistol without trigger where one would find it not facile enough to appropriate the exclusive ornament (heart) & it’s more like a dish served without food which may wane your nerves to take off every day blunders happening in life. But, this doesn’t conclude that Arranged Marriages don’t lead to love or love is confined to Love Marriages Only!

Well! Exceptions are here, where even a single meeting makes you believe that he/she is the Only one; but that is something very rare. In this internet-anchored life & enough of matrimonial sites around us, people masquerade themselves (something my loved one experienced many times) & conceal their professional details in this dowry-system country. Better spend some time together & communicate.

If I would be asked to choose the one, I would tone in favor of Love Marriage. What I believe, before leaping into the second journey of life it’s imperative to be acquainted with the person you have chosen to pack your tour bags with. In this fast paced life we hardly get time to spend with each other, let alone comprehend each other’s wits. If your intelligence automobile doesn’t have same tracks how would you be assured of arriving it at the same platform?

Arrange a rendezvous, either you or your family. Share each other’s hobbies, desires & emotions (it’s not vital to agree at every single point) and when you feel love in the air and you may share your pages of life & become a good book, just Marry!

Confused? Family, Love & Marriage???

Often, people think Love Marriages do not involve family, at least at the very inception of the relationship & before reception. And, Arranged Marriages have been misunderstood with a meeting arranged by parents for two people where they get acquainted with each other & give their consent to tie the knots. No!!! It is also a Love Marriage! When you meet each other & eventually agree to marry, somewhere you must have felt something special about that person to give your heart-key for the lifetime. How frequently you met & how long that duration was, doesn’t matter.

Arranged Marriages happen with the consent of two families where two ‘strangers’ agree to be in a relationship without much ado.

Now, let’s come to the discourse where dilemma crops up because of disagreement at parents’ end. Convince. If you are determined about your relationship & have full confidence on your love, keep convincing your parents. At the end, either you would be able to convince them or you would get convinced with them. When we aren’t convinced about something but stubborn to dissuade, we kneel down later (exceptions reserved in case of Khap panchayats).

If you were through any adversity in your life, you would have realized that they just want you to be happy; albeit it may happen that they might have taken some time. That is where the term Convince enters. Every relationship has its sweet & sour moments. God forbid! But a sour moment in your life with no one around to share your anxiety may lose your belief in the relationship & bring it to an end.

It’s blissful if you pose for your marriage photographs with your family.

Meet beautiful people, fall in love and get married & live life Happily Ever After!

God Bless You!

 This post has been written for the Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage contest organized by Sony Entertainment Television & Indiblogger.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

It’s not Debatable!

Verdict over the two dissent sections of society has always been advocated in favor of the majority. With majority in power the oppression of minority is inevitable & consequential. They bring the perdition to their freedom & their very right to live.
            Our society’s majority is having vigilance over the acts of less than half of the population where they (majority) are aiming to preside over their (minority) daily routine chores from walking on the road to clothing to choosing their life partner. It seems that Almighty has conferred all the reins on to them & they have been enthroned to run the dynasty. They would decide your schedule to come home even if it affects your bread. They would decide if you may don jeans as it may provoke their erotic senses. They would decide who you are to marry with as it is not as per their culture to fell in love otherwise honor killings would be the after consequences to bear on.
            And……….now, they would decide if acid is to be thrown on you when you are wearing western outfits!
With beating to molestation to rape & now acid attack, these horrendous acts against the fairer sex are leading to the abysmal of crime. With vigilantes’ power at its peak, our law & order system seems waning its each thread.
            Democracy (by the people) has been misunderstood with misogyny. Khap panchayats & honor killing institutions legitimize their unlawful, inhuman act as a final verdict. On the 21st century & after six decades of independence, females have, still, been finding their true sense of freedom.
            I heard a debate on radio where people had been invited to feedback their views on whether girls should be attacked with acid if they come out on western clothes. It felt good when their perception in apropos of girls was: they (girls) have all their rights to wear what they feel well in. But, nothing is holding back people with counter views where they think: there’s nothing wrong with punishing them with acid attacks as they have been crossing limits (hadd se jyada aage badh rahi hain ladkiyan)!!!
            What the hell was that? Ridiculous!
Moreover, most surprising thing to upset was that latter feedbacks number girls also. It proclaims insecurity of the bumptious section of society against the other section spearheading the success ladder at every aspect of life where they acquaint their girls with the Line of Control of maryada & feed them pills of sacrifice as it is the only eponym to them.
            Whatever be the situation (it’s not that when it is regarding the fairer sex only) & whatever majority would come out with, it’s, really, not debatable et al whether someone is to be attacked to exterminate them just because your perception is different than theirs, just because you are unable to control your senses & just because your fear to get ruled over rules you.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Happy Janmashtami!!!


नन्दलाल गिरधर गोपाल
मटकी फोड़े करे गुरुर
जाने किस मद में थे चूर,
घिरकर गोपियों से
मन हुआ था विचलित जरुर,
फिर तो ऐसा बहाना था
जरुरी वहां पड़ा आना था
क्या था उन मटकियों में खास
कुछ भी नहीं था उसे ज्ञात
मनमोहित इतना स्वरुप था
दंड देना भी तो न कबूल था,
गोपियाँ फिर जिद्द पर आयीं
मुरली बजाकर जान बचाई
मनमोहित किया स्वरों से
ह्रदय हर लिया गोपियों से,
फिर कर्तव्य का वो दौर आया
तोड़े दिल ऐसा मोड़ आया ,
कदम भी आगे बढ़ाना था
पाप का विनाश जो आना था
धारण किया विशाल स्वरुप
था पाप का अंत कुरूप
धरती पर जब भी मुश्किल आई है
उसने अपनी लीला दिखाई है
तेरी जय हो पालन हार,
जय हो! जय हो! गिरधर गोपाल !

Happy Janmashtami!!!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Sorry! Thank you! Love you!

“There is no ‘sorry’, no ‘thank you’ between friends”. This oft quoted statement has become an idiom to portray a perfect friendship amongst friends.
 A good friend gets irritated when you say ‘sorry’ & ‘thank you’. It exhibits one’s fictitious attitude towards friendship where this friend pretends his/her good part. It conceptualizes; if you have hurt your friend, don’t feel apologetic & if he/she does anything good to you, you need not be grateful.
 Ok! Then tell me, whom do you think worth of your ‘sorry’ & ‘thank you’? 
Someone whom you do not think worth talking to or someone whom you are having a very formal relationship with? Often, people assert the latter one as their reason for defining the friendship & exclusion of these ‘formal’ words from the lexicon.
But, wait for a moment & think- do you really believe this? If you really mean your every ‘sorry’ & ‘thank you’, you must be the one who believe these words a beautiful way of expression and if you think these words just a part of formal demeanor, you do not mean your every ‘sorry’ & ‘thank you’.  
 Last month, my friends & I had a gathering for a birthday celebration. After we ended up with the celebration & way to our home, the birthday girl & I went for some shopping for our mutual friend who asked her to bring the gift for her husband on her behalf. She asked me if she must ask for the money. She has recently left her job & short of money. I advised her to just plainly tell her (our mutual friend) the worth of that gift & leave the decision to her. But, before I come up with my advice, my absurdity took place & I hurt her. I told her, “Of course! You are not earning, so what’s wrong with that?” I really didn’t mean to acknowledge her with her unemployment. Not even, in a good sense. And, at this phase, when she is no more with a job! I am also an unemployed person & left my training mid way due to some casual formalities. I know, how it feels when you face unemployment especially after having met with a good package in past. Moreover, I do not believe in hurting someone at her own birthday. I would let you take full advantage of my mood even if we had a fight last night, but, next day ‘beware’!  ;)  After two days I called her & expressed ‘sorry’ with a guilt but put the phone down immediately. She felt something wrong with me & was taken aback with the word ‘sorry’. This time she rang me & asked for the reason. I poured my heart out with tears at the other end & she tagged me ‘baili’ ;) with smile. She didn’t mind my single word; in fact, she was oblivious about the statement whether I really quoted it. I relieved with a sense that she didn’t mind my absurdity & even was thankful to my advice.
 Albeit, she didn’t mind me & as a friend doesn’t believe any need of conveying ‘sorry’, I would advise everyone for expressing your feelings through these beautiful words. Words like ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’ & ‘love you’, help you to get relieved from guilt and other inhibitions. They help you carry on your relationship with your loved ones with a belief that your next mistake would not burden your relationship like a carrier without wheels. Human beings are tend to make mistakes & we need not express our guilt & love every time, but if you would start taking your relationship granted of with a belief that your every mistake would be avoided, your every unexpressed gratefulness would work & your resisted love would be heard of, you are wrong!
  Go & tell them how much you love them, how much you care about your relationship & how much you are thankful to them for their presence in your life.
  ‘Sorry’ if I would have hurt you. ‘Thank you’ for every support to me & ‘Love you’ for being in my life. :)


Thursday, 2 August 2012

Security or Misogyny this Rakshabandhan???

She is forced to death before she would breathe her first breath. If, somehow, she steps on this earth, she loses the sight of life before she breaks her first smile. If, she has been permitted to survive; she doesn’t deserve a smile, she has always been refrained with egalitarian demeanor. She has never been served with basic facilities. She has been manhandled, molested & raped for the sake of surreal carnivorous humans, in fact, she is left alone like a trash by her own family because she was having met with the misfortune; and often she has been beaten to death for the monetary gains.

Is this the security women of our nation deserve? Does this day of Rakshabandhan (festival of promising security from any misfortune) have any relevance or it’s just a fake festive occasion?????...............

When she leaves behind her folks & friends with hopes & dreams to embrace him & his family, but left with pain-ridden solitude life where her raison d’etre in that cage is just the opulent & countless ransom from her off-the-cuff family (grahlaksmi gets beaten for the lakshmi), where she has to breathe her last with obituary in the next morning newspaper & otherwise seldom happens; when she herself or her womb is vandalized just because the child was a girl;  when she is born to give up her studies, her food & possessions for her brother; when she gets ogled by those salacious men whose wisdom is at its lowest point & they strip her modesty in public; when she is advised to behave dumb  because she is ‘SHE’ otherwise in consequences she would have to undergo the pain alone; do we forget the meaning of this great festival?????

Does it convey that that you are obliged only toward your sister who threads the silk strap on your wrist & go out and strip other’s sisters, go & beat them to death to the best of your sick & malicious mind? Does this festival means a single day & then leave her alone enduring all pains herself? Does it say you are liberated to commit crimes against those whom you promised to provide all precautions against any misfortune?  

Please!..........get the real meaning of this beautiful loving festival of  promising to serve each other with love, care, protection & happiness.