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Monday, 6 August 2012

Sorry! Thank you! Love you!

“There is no ‘sorry’, no ‘thank you’ between friends”. This oft quoted statement has become an idiom to portray a perfect friendship amongst friends.
 A good friend gets irritated when you say ‘sorry’ & ‘thank you’. It exhibits one’s fictitious attitude towards friendship where this friend pretends his/her good part. It conceptualizes; if you have hurt your friend, don’t feel apologetic & if he/she does anything good to you, you need not be grateful.
 Ok! Then tell me, whom do you think worth of your ‘sorry’ & ‘thank you’? 
Someone whom you do not think worth talking to or someone whom you are having a very formal relationship with? Often, people assert the latter one as their reason for defining the friendship & exclusion of these ‘formal’ words from the lexicon.
But, wait for a moment & think- do you really believe this? If you really mean your every ‘sorry’ & ‘thank you’, you must be the one who believe these words a beautiful way of expression and if you think these words just a part of formal demeanor, you do not mean your every ‘sorry’ & ‘thank you’.  
 Last month, my friends & I had a gathering for a birthday celebration. After we ended up with the celebration & way to our home, the birthday girl & I went for some shopping for our mutual friend who asked her to bring the gift for her husband on her behalf. She asked me if she must ask for the money. She has recently left her job & short of money. I advised her to just plainly tell her (our mutual friend) the worth of that gift & leave the decision to her. But, before I come up with my advice, my absurdity took place & I hurt her. I told her, “Of course! You are not earning, so what’s wrong with that?” I really didn’t mean to acknowledge her with her unemployment. Not even, in a good sense. And, at this phase, when she is no more with a job! I am also an unemployed person & left my training mid way due to some casual formalities. I know, how it feels when you face unemployment especially after having met with a good package in past. Moreover, I do not believe in hurting someone at her own birthday. I would let you take full advantage of my mood even if we had a fight last night, but, next day ‘beware’!  ;)  After two days I called her & expressed ‘sorry’ with a guilt but put the phone down immediately. She felt something wrong with me & was taken aback with the word ‘sorry’. This time she rang me & asked for the reason. I poured my heart out with tears at the other end & she tagged me ‘baili’ ;) with smile. She didn’t mind my single word; in fact, she was oblivious about the statement whether I really quoted it. I relieved with a sense that she didn’t mind my absurdity & even was thankful to my advice.
 Albeit, she didn’t mind me & as a friend doesn’t believe any need of conveying ‘sorry’, I would advise everyone for expressing your feelings through these beautiful words. Words like ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’ & ‘love you’, help you to get relieved from guilt and other inhibitions. They help you carry on your relationship with your loved ones with a belief that your next mistake would not burden your relationship like a carrier without wheels. Human beings are tend to make mistakes & we need not express our guilt & love every time, but if you would start taking your relationship granted of with a belief that your every mistake would be avoided, your every unexpressed gratefulness would work & your resisted love would be heard of, you are wrong!
  Go & tell them how much you love them, how much you care about your relationship & how much you are thankful to them for their presence in your life.
  ‘Sorry’ if I would have hurt you. ‘Thank you’ for every support to me & ‘Love you’ for being in my life. :)



  1. You have a good friend. Actually having a good friend is a treasure and it is really tough to find one these days. Happy Friendship week to you Gayatri. We are virtual friends and cheers to that!!!

    1. Yes! i feel blessed to have such friends around me :)

      Thanks for your feedback.
      Happy Friendship Week!!!

  2. Hi Gayatri :)

    That's what me too think even I use to ask my friends to say me Thank you and Sorry...What they reply is ''itni formal kyu ban rahi hai'' But actually these words are overwhelming. We must let our dear ones know how thankful we are to them and there is nothing like being formal asking Sorry. These words are the part of morals.

    Lovely post!
    Best wishes to you my friend! :) Happy Friendship Day!

  3. Well! I do not ask them to say 'sorry' to me but leave it to them as their part of expression. What I want to say, if someone expresses his/her feelings through these words, welcome it.
    As people often think them as formal words, but every one has their belief & way to expression.
    My friends also say 'people who often use them are formal', but it's their perception. I do what i believe :)

    Thanks for leaving your view :)
    Happy Friendship Week!!!


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