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Thursday, 30 August 2012

I fear one of my Family members ;-)

I fear, if she is near,
she always brings me quivers.
I dare not pass through her,
when she does, I may not stand beside her.
I may beat anyone,
but she is someone, I may not touch even!
What to do, she has that damn attitude,
my mind keeps yelling to get the single cue.

Hey! Do you feel the same? I knew this. Look at her, she never brings that charm to let you think about any proximity towards her, let alone feel love for her. I know, after having a glance at her picture, you would never want to have a dream of it. In fact, you would never want to have a second look at her picture. Right! But, I must tell you she is damn better in this picture.
            You get baffled, even, when I would bring her identity before you. Her name is chhipkali (lizard)! I always keep wondering whether this creature has any buds (kali) to her kitty. Don’t you think her name makes her no less than a riddle? Hahahaha…………
            I guess; you must have someone at your home resembling this nasty one whom you dare not pass through, who must bring you quivers & who you may not dream stand beside to. Sometimes, I feel pity for myself. I feel like a puppet. She keeps roaming everywhere & I have to digress my way to work at my own home. Huh!..............
            I’m not the only one who tolerates her & get goose-bumps with her presence. Cockroaches & their nocturnal buddies have been, even, served to death. She may creep to them everywhere, it doesn’t matter whether they crawl beneath the bench or fly on the ceiling. She has that witty mind. Whenever she gets her prey, she sets herself a little back to not let her victim get the cue of her presence & then……..with her wits she pussyfoots towards the hapless creature & gulps it with a burp.
            What to say more! She is just someone I am fed up with.

And, you know why this page has this unique text background? Because, she spat her venom while I was penning down against her.I tried to rub it & it got even.


  1. hahhaa!...nice poem on lizard....

  2. Ohhh...yes, I have not one....many!COCKROACHES...eeeeks!!! Though I am vigilant enough about keeping my apartment spotless! :)
    Awesome piece...


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