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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Not for the sake of Law

A law amendment would amend the trajectory of the real issue with just its implementation is something illusory. Amendment in The Child Labour Act for implementation of the prohibition to the working of children under 14 does not behoove to reality & its failure does not held with the government only, we too have our share of accountability. Government, society, poverty, GDP & BPL index each one effects the real outcome of this law. But which raves this problem most is the poverty.
            If you think with the amendment in the law there would be some positive ramifications, you are far away from the reality. Just have a glance at your surroundings & you would come out of the delusion. Amending a law with trembled roots is just like pouring water in a pot with a hole. One may not win a race with the help of crèches. It’s just a fantasy & if not, a rare case.
            Just as to crack the finest examination we need to have basic fundamentals knowledge, to make our children feel their childhood we first need to pent-up their abdomen to the best of their adrenalin which brings them hope & give feathers to their dreams that they may become a reality too.
            As here is an adage-Let’s have a charity at home, I attempted to bring this change first at home. The maid, who comes to my home to perform daily chores, comes with her daughter when she is available with her holidays. It’s good on her part that she provides her daughter with education & all other basic facilities to the best of her capability but her daughter doesn’t spend her holidays on the playground alike other kids. When I told her, about the law, in the past she (maid) didn’t pay attention to my words. This time I made it a point to convey this law while getting near to her leaving no point on her end to escape from the situation. To which she replied: “sarkar to kehti rehti hai (govt. keeps saying), give me sufficient money to feed them I won’t bring my kids to work”. This destitution is the only real cause behind the situation. It doesn’t leave them to enjoy their childhood.
            This transmutation which we are trying to bring in the society with this amendment is not just for the sake of law. It isn’t confined to just sending children to schools but it defines a wider course which ends with fetching their childhood back to them.
            Our government first needs to provide them food, good environment & monetary help to prop up their dreams because bringing someone upon the hill & then nudging them to the ground isn’t worth of applause.


  1. Brilliant!! A simple mid-day meal programme can not be a solution for all the problems...
    And "fetching their childhood back to them."sounds astounding!--kudos, my thoughts exactly :)

  2. Childhood is the most enticing phase in our lives. And sadly our government does so poorly towards safeguarding it...
    Loved the way you threw light on the issue.

    1. Yes! govt. has to first come up with an assurance of food to every children & employment to their parents which would make this amendment a success.

      Thanks for leaving your feedback :)

  3. My maid waned to get her dotty married as soon as possible, I managed to deter her but for how long, I can not tell :(

    A thoughtful blog :)

    1. That's what required the most: a food for thought & food for stomach.

      Thank you for your feedback.

  4. With many mouths to feed in a single family, to provide for a healthy and 'real' childhood becomes somewhat difficult for these people... Its a really sad situation when you actually peep in their lives. Your post touches a sensitive topic very neatly. :)

    1. True! when we get through their situation it's feel sad. Need to find a concrete solution.

      Thank you for leaving your feedback :)


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