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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

To the Most Happening Teacher!

The spirit which bestows us with the power of wisdom is a teacher.

Every aspect of life preaches us something best which is out of blue.

Our adversities are the best teachers which make us learn what the true life is all about.

Our failure makes us believe nothing should be taken granted for.

Our success let not lose our courage toward endeavours.

Our loved ones props the belief that love still exists.

The deception brings out the strength inherent to us.

Chirpy birds’ enchanter the belief to bring melody in every phase of life.

The weeds crop up the hope to enliven even when one is stubbed out every time.

Beautiful flowers teach how to serve the ambience with our fragrance.

The sunrise & the sunset signifies that every life has its ups & downs.

I believe our life & its experiences are the most happening teachers.

This page is dedicated to the every teacher of my life which has left a great impinge on me. To those adversities & achievements, to those who loves me & who deceived me, as every chapter of life has a message to learn for.

How have you been through the gestation till now & what have you been through this book called life? What’s your take to this? Share your dedications toward your best teacher. 

Happy Teacher’s Day!!!


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