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Friday, 14 September 2012

Enough is Enough! Soak No More.

It’s been a true adage
excess has never ever been great,
sow a seed to let it mature
but ‘Soak it no more’ that it may not endure.
To grow foetus needs its own time
but has to come timely out of the shrine.
An adolescent needs pamper
but ‘Soak him no more’, else love becomes danger.
How fair is it for a five,
soaked with bundle of books leaving him not much bright?
Competition at every nook, with an upward graph,
leaves him soaked with tension, unable to craft.
Life has been such a thrill
but vigilantes make it just a shrill,
endeavor to have a jury crown,
soaked with fury, it makes me frown.
How far is it fine
if her modesty has always been soaked in wine?
How far is it pertinent to create panic
when your kin come underneath the manic?
Populace have been soaked with corruption,
it’s no chance to repudiate their aggression.
It doesn’t behoove to get soaked in custom
when she gets trodden by the system.
Just have a look at your soaked clothes
they sob ‘Soak no more’, ‘Soak no more’.
‘Soak no more’, ‘Soak no more’ this repugnance,
everyone has been given a session,
no one is allowed to dwell here more than his duration.

Everything has its own limit & when something goes beyond its limit, it doesn’t serve the purpose it was meant for. One may not fight with the nature. No one can beat Him. He is beyond imagination. He is the Supreme Power.
            But we stupid people always behave irrationally assuming it is our world, & we have the ultimate power to perpetrate the demeanor we want. We forget that our rein has been held by Him. We are all here for a purpose & moreover, for a particular duration. Before that no one could snatch away our breath & after that no one could hold us back. Then why, why this repugnance & why this revenge all the time?

Why we are so much soaked & snared in this materialistic world that we snuff out someone & rob her family in the name of custom, that we loot our motherland when we are enthroned to the sovereignty.

We are so much in rush to achievements that it leads to the blockage of our brainpower. We get circumscribed to our own wits. What to do & what not to do. Confusion has always its share of pie. We get digressed to the insecurity where we do not step toward unearthing new avenues leading to the pinnacle, but eventually get entrapped to it with a delusion that we may win only with the failure & even decimation of our counterparts. We strive to inhibit them at every cost & bring fear to cause disturbance to them.

Let’s break all those fences which prompts us to not to be the real one. Why to make someone panic? Why to follow this hollow custom which doesn’t let us live? Why to get over involved to something that we forget ourselves? Soak No More!

Just as a seed couldn’t be transformed into a plant with its over-soakage, our over-indulgence always results the worst form. Just look at our surroundings, we have so much to learn, the only thing we need to get is that concealed message. When we soak our clothes for more than an hour it results into a fragile one. Better don’t soak them. Use SURF EXCEL MATIC. It removes the stains without any need of soakage.

Got something?................Our life is just like a piece of cloth. The more we soak ourselves onto something the more fragile we become.

 Try something as good as SURF EXCEL MATIC for your daily blunders & lead a happy life.

Just come out of the labyrinth of the insecurity & relax for awhile.

This post has been written for the contest ‘Soak No More’, organized by SURF EXCEL MATIC & Indiblogger.


  1. Very powerful, I loved the poem and the third last line justified the product very elegantly.

    The whole picture you projected here is truly power packed and don't know why I am using power again and again. Sorry for that and all the very best dear:)

    1. Really glad that you liked it. And, don't say sorry, your words made me feel good. I really wait for your feedback. Thank you dear!


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