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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

It’s not Debatable!

Verdict over the two dissent sections of society has always been advocated in favor of the majority. With majority in power the oppression of minority is inevitable & consequential. They bring the perdition to their freedom & their very right to live.
            Our society’s majority is having vigilance over the acts of less than half of the population where they (majority) are aiming to preside over their (minority) daily routine chores from walking on the road to clothing to choosing their life partner. It seems that Almighty has conferred all the reins on to them & they have been enthroned to run the dynasty. They would decide your schedule to come home even if it affects your bread. They would decide if you may don jeans as it may provoke their erotic senses. They would decide who you are to marry with as it is not as per their culture to fell in love otherwise honor killings would be the after consequences to bear on.
            And……….now, they would decide if acid is to be thrown on you when you are wearing western outfits!
With beating to molestation to rape & now acid attack, these horrendous acts against the fairer sex are leading to the abysmal of crime. With vigilantes’ power at its peak, our law & order system seems waning its each thread.
            Democracy (by the people) has been misunderstood with misogyny. Khap panchayats & honor killing institutions legitimize their unlawful, inhuman act as a final verdict. On the 21st century & after six decades of independence, females have, still, been finding their true sense of freedom.
            I heard a debate on radio where people had been invited to feedback their views on whether girls should be attacked with acid if they come out on western clothes. It felt good when their perception in apropos of girls was: they (girls) have all their rights to wear what they feel well in. But, nothing is holding back people with counter views where they think: there’s nothing wrong with punishing them with acid attacks as they have been crossing limits (hadd se jyada aage badh rahi hain ladkiyan)!!!
            What the hell was that? Ridiculous!
Moreover, most surprising thing to upset was that latter feedbacks number girls also. It proclaims insecurity of the bumptious section of society against the other section spearheading the success ladder at every aspect of life where they acquaint their girls with the Line of Control of maryada & feed them pills of sacrifice as it is the only eponym to them.
            Whatever be the situation (it’s not that when it is regarding the fairer sex only) & whatever majority would come out with, it’s, really, not debatable et al whether someone is to be attacked to exterminate them just because your perception is different than theirs, just because you are unable to control your senses & just because your fear to get ruled over rules you.


  1. What rubbish, since when someone has control on what women can do? Sorry I forgot in our country we can do anything illegal and justify it. Today I posted one of the School pictures on Fb and realized Schools don't allow skirts these days. Once you cross 5th standard, you have to wear Salwar kameez. God can save this regressive approach. We are a perfect example of a hypocrite country. Remember Khap went on suing Aamir Khan and what for???

    Non-sense, it makes me angry to see where our country is heading.

    1. It's just that some of these people are so insecure inside that they approach these ridiculous means to reach the end of sovereignty(don't know what?).
      People who believe in egalitarian approach must come forward & end this drama which is spreading epidemically.


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