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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Security or Misogyny this Rakshabandhan???

She is forced to death before she would breathe her first breath. If, somehow, she steps on this earth, she loses the sight of life before she breaks her first smile. If, she has been permitted to survive; she doesn’t deserve a smile, she has always been refrained with egalitarian demeanor. She has never been served with basic facilities. She has been manhandled, molested & raped for the sake of surreal carnivorous humans, in fact, she is left alone like a trash by her own family because she was having met with the misfortune; and often she has been beaten to death for the monetary gains.

Is this the security women of our nation deserve? Does this day of Rakshabandhan (festival of promising security from any misfortune) have any relevance or it’s just a fake festive occasion?????...............

When she leaves behind her folks & friends with hopes & dreams to embrace him & his family, but left with pain-ridden solitude life where her raison d’etre in that cage is just the opulent & countless ransom from her off-the-cuff family (grahlaksmi gets beaten for the lakshmi), where she has to breathe her last with obituary in the next morning newspaper & otherwise seldom happens; when she herself or her womb is vandalized just because the child was a girl;  when she is born to give up her studies, her food & possessions for her brother; when she gets ogled by those salacious men whose wisdom is at its lowest point & they strip her modesty in public; when she is advised to behave dumb  because she is ‘SHE’ otherwise in consequences she would have to undergo the pain alone; do we forget the meaning of this great festival?????

Does it convey that that you are obliged only toward your sister who threads the silk strap on your wrist & go out and strip other’s sisters, go & beat them to death to the best of your sick & malicious mind? Does this festival means a single day & then leave her alone enduring all pains herself? Does it say you are liberated to commit crimes against those whom you promised to provide all precautions against any misfortune?  

Please!..........get the real meaning of this beautiful loving festival of  promising to serve each other with love, care, protection & happiness.




  1. An eye opening and thought provoking post here.
    The same questions were arising in my mind too... Raksha Bandhan is a festival of Love and security that every brother promises his sister to endow with but on the other hand... its all reverse situation!

    Worth reading you Gayatri! :)
    Happy Rakhi!

    P.S.- Nice changes you made here and thanks for adding the follower gadget!
    Keep exploring! :)

    1. When we would promise to give love, care & protection to each other, happiness of this great festival would get double.

      Thanks for following my blog, it's my pleasure!

  2. You are right! First the society needs to accept women in totality, only then we can celebrate such festivals in its true spirit. I wonder why in a country like our where many avatars of women are worshiped, why women are subjected to such a life.

    1. Yes!people must learn to love everyone beyond relationships :)

  3. YOu have taken the social evil head on.No doubt a girl has to face innummerable problems right from the womb till she reaches grave.The situation has worsened in today's scenario.
    Moral values have stooped to new lows but you know what I believe it is this festival which has kept hopes alive in mind of many people that "girl needs to be respected".And this feeling will take us long way forward.

    1. I'm not denying, dear, that still hope exists somewhere otherwise I wouldn't have met a guy like you who has such loving emotional feelings for girls & I wouldn't have dared to post this article with the fear of unacceptable feedback. But,crimes against women have been in rise & you may not dent that you may find such criminals at every corner.


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