Wednesday, 31 July 2013

All that Matters is Self-Belief

I would have been paving the path pre-defined. Being a good academic, my career was sorted out by my parents bearing in mind- I would do justice to it. But, the person who doubted the most about its execution was- me. I never wanted to tread over the conventional routes, and moreover, something which doesn’t interest me. Albeit, I wasn’t clear about what to do, I knew I wanted to do something which wakes me up every next morning with that same excitement to do justice with my work as what I would feel at the very first day of my job.

As destiny finds its own way, with serendipity, blogging came across me. In its oblivion way, writing became a part of my life, even though I wasn’t obliged to pursue it. It brought bliss in my monotonous life. But, with semester examinations of professional course approaching every six months, I decided to concentrate on my studies. Meanwhile, I realized that writing became my love, and love shouldn’t be left midway.

I believe passion may never be an option; it’s always your premier objective to achieve. I may not say, I would be an author/ a writer later in my life.

I’m acquainted with- it’s not such a lucrative career. But, that doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that I would lose myself if I quit. Like everyone, I want to earn a decent income for my survival. And, for that, I’m putting my all endeavors to get a job as a writer. But, every time, I earn only applauses and not the job. But, this continual failure gives me fortitude to persevere my dreams with new vigor, every time. I am ready to learn what it takes to accomplish the success, but I’m reluctant to leave my dream as an option. My attitude shouldn’t be mistaken as an aggressively stubborn one; instead, it’s my assertiveness to follow the passion. It’s my fear of losing the identity which takes me forward and has taught me the value of patience & tolerance. For me, success isn’t having a great bank-balance at your end, but having peace in your mind which comes with doing what you enjoy the most.

I believe with determination and self-belief you may accomplish everything. I have always been a risk-taker. During my graduation, I opted for the mathematics just to get rid of its phobia, and later secured the merit. This self-belief and determination keeps you going against the tides. And, as it’s been said: “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. I have tremendous faith in my Almighty & myself that one day tides will turn in my favour.  

Dreams dyed in the wool,
coloured with different tool(s).

Passing through different phases of life,
transforming from the raw into the ripe.

With each phase it gets strong,
no alteration if something goes wrong.

It has to consider each brief,

All that Matters is Self-Belief.

This post has been written for the contest organized by Blogadda in association with INKLive 2013.


  1. Do what you enjoy, you will do more justice to it. And self belief is that force that lights your passion.

    Good Luck!

    1. That's what I believe firmly. Thank you, dear! :)

  2. Very well written Gayatri...

    Keep on the good work and one day you will get the job too...
    And hope the passion never dies to enjoy your work and do justice to it..

    1. Thank you so much for your support & good wishes, dear Manjulika! :)


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