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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Family, First!

Call us, and we are here! This compassionate attitude of us (Indians) toward our family is something which has always been commended worldwide. So, we are always ahead to assure that our family is served first. And, if we are so humble, then why not the coverage should be enlarged?

Rape has always been rampant, after the 16th December gang-rape case, we have only taken charge of it to permeate the very cause of non-tolerance of this heinous crime against women. But, our this very noble behaviour- turned- idiosyncrasy has become a sin to the ideology of human-being.

If you read your daily newspaper, then you should have got the link. Our humble perpetrators are unlike the ones accused in the 16th December gang-rape case. They serve their family first! This set of criminals ensnares their victims with a meticulous approach which shouldn’t hold them red-handed. They rape their daughters, sisters, wives, and…….. mothers! Basically, anyone who is vulnerable to them; ‘who’- they know- would find it difficult to raise her voice.

We all feel pity whenever we come through any incident of rape, but its another chapter is something shockingly evil. It seems that we are degraded to such an extent that it would be contemptible to animals for being compared with our species.

Where did we lack to teach them (perpetrators) the difference between pleasure and crime, between respect and contempt? What’s been wrong with us that we have forgotten the term ‘love’.  Why are we becoming ‘animals’ and are forgetting the basic nature of ‘human-being’ to serve another as equal to us.

Let’s take a pledge and promise ourselves that we won’t let anyone offend the other, we won’t let anyone be inhuman towards another, and we won’t let anyone be animal.

Please, protest! 

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  1. Goddesses Laxmi,Durga, Saraswati are respected but in real life they are raped , tortured, burnt and killed even in the wombs. What a paradox.

  2. It's action time. We must do what is needed to protect others.

  3. @Kalpana & Saru: It's the most sad situation of our country, & we have to initiate to curb it first from our own family.


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