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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Slept Again!

It was so dull & gloomy,
melancholy was fully straggled,
lassitude was at its depth
beckoning me to sleep again!

                                                            Papa was not nice
                                                            to let me have this pleasure,
                                                            ordered for getting up instantly
                                                            to stand under the shower.

I went to get fresh
but my soul was still pampered,
it was so dullard
making me sleep again & again!

                                                            Fortunately, I met my dear friend
                                                            but a geek had also a presence there,
                                                            his demeanor made me slept again
                                                            I felt myself missing somewhere.

Didn’t I behave kindly?
Iteration was disturbing there.
Whole day passed as such,
my lassitude conquered me
& I slept again!


  1. Nothing can be more beautiful in this world than the coziness of our bed and dreaming beautifully in our own world of fantasies.We all love to sleep.This is most satisfying hobby as far as my case is concerned.

    1. when coziness surrounds us one may not help but get into it to cherish the moment, moreover, no outsider is allowed to nudge you out of your dreamy world :)


  2. Aww..That's my everyday story! :D
    Cute poem indeed with pic :)

    Keep Writing Buddy!
    Stay Smiling

  3. hahaha......then keep cherishing your beautiful moments :)


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