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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hot Band Baajaa Baaraat Season!

It’s a June month. It’s hot & humid all out there. And, if your family is likely to plan a wedding this month, it’d be hot inside too, inside your very ‘thick-to-be-thin’ pocket. Especially, if you are a middle-class person & may not afford a five star hotel!

Well! Marriage is a very private affair & no one is supposed to question your decision to make it happen right now. But, if there is any second choice to put it in abeyance which could save those extra bucks, won’t you like to lend your ear to it!
Don’t worry! It would be privy to us, am not going to let your kith and kin get any clue. ;)

I have been to various marriages this season. Yes! In this single month, I have had been invited to number of marriages & still marriages are on cards. Albeit, I enjoyed every wedding while having cold drinks & pani-puri; & wiping sweat, getting uneasy with humid at the same time, they were fun. Still, people do not leave any opportunity to bad-mouth your endeavours. I may understand the status of mind of parents who leave no stone unturned to make it a memorable event, yet when all it ends to their guests complaining about the arrangements, it hurts  :(  until & unless you have affordable wedding planners like Shruti & Bittoo  ;)

Besides catering, mandap & lights, you have to squander some extra penny in this hot weather for fans, coolers, water-coolers, ice-cream (yes! In winters, it’s an option for many) & special AC Room (if not for everyone, at least for your would-be relatives). Coming July, there might be unpredictable rains to ruin your business. Again, you have to arrange for a proper shed. All this would digest your money in abundance which could be avoided if it’s a November-December wedding. Even Shruti & Bittoo would be more affordable in the last quarter of year.

No fans, no coolers, no cold-water, no AC-Room! Ice-creams (even if people have it, it’s consumption-rate is much lower…..people who takes 3 cups, 1 cup is more than enough in winter) & cold-drinks are avoided too!  ;)  Won’t it be a great help to you, especially, when petrol prices are adhered not to stumble any more, when inflation climbs to the height of mountain, when daily-routine business has already have its share?

Now, what are you planning for? Wedding in the last quarter of year with Band Baajaa Baaraat???  ;)  :)



  1. An affordable and fun filled marriage, like your post. Nicely written!!!

  2. @Saru Singhal: glad you liked it :) thanks!


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