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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Take a Stand

 In our childhood days, we were preached to share our belongings to the needy ones & to our friends so that they may also have their share of joy. Then here comes Facebook, & our tech-obsessed buddies have engulfed in this meander as such that they have forgotten to use their wits what really ‘Share’ means & feel like sharing every rubbish scrap coming their way, even if it’s cheap & hollow.
Even if there is a sorrowful moment depicting picture, it is supposed to be clicked with a ‘Like’ button……..I really don’t get what is so likeable about them. Someone has shared through Facebook his grief of losing her sister due to dowry & there are ‘Likes’. What rubbish!
            From the very first day when ‘Satyamev Jayate’ has been aired, people have been sharing its Facebook page, clicking ‘Like’ & leaving the page with comments about every weekly topic being discussed. Everyone had been making their best efforts to leave a commendable quote about Aamir & his endeavors in this venture. There were scraps quoting his sacrifices in apropos of films & money he has put on. How he had given priority to this show against his most awaited film, how he had spent two full years over this venture to reach the heart of everybody & blah blah blah ………
            Now, as TRP of the show has started plunging & a few of idiots have got the opportunity to raise their fingers with nothing worth of at their end, everybody is taking a U-turn. Now the very same people who had been supporting him with sharing commendable scraps, have been sharing scraps leaving scathing attacks to him that how much money his pocket is weighed with & other demeaning, baseless allegations( I didn’t read it full in annoyance), totally in opposite to what they were sharing earlier tempting me to share my views with you. This should not be done! This should really not be done!
            I mean use your mind and take a stand. Do you have a conscience? Can’t you really see what he has been trying to convey? What endeavors he had put on? Has he come, till now, with something which should be proscribed to get telecasted? Does his show not convey something which would, indeed, affect people to get humane toward their surroundings? On what basis you were backing him earlier & now, what have you got your hands wet with to oppose him?
            Please, take a stand using your conscience & just don’t follow the crowd.
            Satyamev Jayate!


  1. Very well expressed your views..
    I do agree now a days ppl share but mostly with different intentions and finally fails to get it!

  2. yeah dear!.....infact they don't read it carefully what it actually mean to say......well! i wrote wrong that i didn't read it....but i wasn't likely to remember everything while writing my post ;)

    thanks for your feedback.

  3. interesting...


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