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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Father’s Day

My first step on this earth
& your guidance to move it up.
My arduous task to spell first word
& your getting agog to scream yes!

My question to waking up at 6
& your answer not to take risk.
My callow demeanor in every phase
& your catechism in each such case.

My exorbitant demand to have it
& your dexterous effort to place it.
My hogwash when comes to place
& your diligence how to axe.

My diffidence to make it real
& your dauntless effort to have it without fear.
My delicacies, chocolates & cakes,
I need nothing, just you my dad!



  1. Beautiful!
    A sweet dedication ...Happy Father's day to your dad! :)

  2. Simply Amazing and touching poem sweetheart, may god bless dad long and happy life.


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