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Saturday, 16 June 2012

I’m Behenji!!!

Are you a small town girl? Do you not carry attitude to show-off? Do you not carry short skirts? Do you not speak English fluently but Hindi? Do you not have a lover? If you get 5/5 in this round, you are a qualified Behenji.

 You would be a subject of mockery if you won’t give back that attitude to them. If you don’t carry short skirts then you know nothing about style. If you can’t speak English fluently, you are worthless &…………if you have perfection in Hindi, again you are worthless. It’s an English speaking world & you have no place here.
I like skirts but do not demean a kurta pyjama clad girl. I find kurtis as stylish as skirts. I speak English but do not mock at someone who is trying to get fluent over the international speaking language or who is proficient in Hindi. It’s a privilege to having someone around who has a profound knowledge of our national language. I do not believe in pretending to have something I, really, may not possess. I do not have a lover but that doesn’t mean I am not worth of someone’s interest. It simply means, I am too busy to be in a relationship or haven’t found a guy of my interest.
Still, I would say I’m Behenji.

I’m B-beautiful
I’m E-elite
I’m H-honest
I’m E-enthusiastic
I’m N-nifty
I’m J-jaunty
I’m I-impeccable
Yes! time if someone would call you Behenji, do not get disheartened but accept it with grace as your eponym. You are the most beautiful person in this world if you see beauty in everything around yourself. You belong to an elite group of people who is best to handle every adverse situation. You are honest if you don’t pretend, if you show sincerity toward others as well as yourself. Be always enthusiastic to hold responsibilities & get your task done. You are as nifty as others, just carry yourself with confidence. Always be cheerful whatever the circumstances are. Be confident, be jaunty. You are an impeccable being to be loved & followed by others.
Say Cheese!.......all Behenjis. 



  1. Hi Gayatri! :)

    Here's a thought provoking and realizing the fact post!
    I agree with all the description you mentioned here and today's so called modern ppl's mindset and their mockery!

    You made all behenjies proud :)

  2. Really thought provoking article for all those girls who have inferiorty complex simply because they come from small towns.
    Or don't speak english fluently.Its the belief and confidence in one self which should matter the most and everything else should be ignored.

  3. Yup! you are absolutely right. When ewe would leave others behind & believe ourselves nothing could stop us.

    Your reviews add value on my blog. Thank you dear!

  4. It would be a very safe brand for girls as the dirty minds of gropers would dare not think of any wrong doing.


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