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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Letter from the Braveheart

Another date, another year, & your another resolution;
nothing soothes my painful gravitation.
Though I am dead now forever,
but you are eternal for never.

My aches would hurt you more & more,
 and my stains would age with that sore.
You might even try not to give a glimpse to it,
 but again you are helpless to overlook it.

Pledge to not let inhuman make a nest,
before you assure to save me next.
I am just there in her & him,
& won’t let you make the next sin.

 I am, albeit, - rest in peace,
but that has brought you to pieces unable, even, to seize.
Why are you, now, ashamed of showing your face,
& not when you took away all those veils?

I am not any commodity,
the way you cut me in pieces sordidly!
Don’t take my attire as excuses
& put graves of them with roses.

Are you really one of us- human,
or is it all just my delusion?
Your everyday brutality is such a sigh,
it’s nothing, just that you are naïve!


  1. These are the best lines,

    'Though I am dead now forever,
    but you are eternal for never'

    However, how very sad it is to witness and write about it. I think we always wanted to make this world a better place but look what it is turning into...

    A moving poem.

    1. Absolutely, this protest has been initiated by people with a thought that more people would come out to pledge to not let this heinous crime happen again.But here, along with them, number of perpetrators have been incrementing at a higher rate. With that we fear that when this fight will come to an end. :(

  2. i just hope people genuinely condemn such crimes and stop those perpetrators. we have witnessed some change after this incident, hopefully it will be permanent.

    1. We all hope that more & more people come forward to protest against these perpetrators, but it just brings shivers down to us when they are committing this just for the revenge against the protest. So many ladies have been molested & raped even after this protest. Shame!


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