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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Party Tonight

It’s party at night,
& I was drowsy with headache at drive.
How to got rid of those boo,
when my skin wasn’t at the right shoe?

That fluffy nightmare was terrible,
& I wished I had opted for the hair removal;
but waxing, on my skin, is so cruel!

It gives blisters & leaves my skin patchy,
& I didn’t want to leave home with any bogey.
Then, something at my mind brought up the rear,
that why shouldn’t I go with the Satin Care.

My friend told me it leaves skin smooth
with radiant glow & no bloomers to choose.
I went with fear to give a shot,
but it didn’t leave any cuts to get a blood clot.

Now, my skin was glowing from head to toe,
& I was ready to tap the show.

This post has been written for the Contest ‘Divine Is You’, organized by the Blogadda in association with the Gillette Satin Care.


  1. I feel it is easy and can be done in emergencies. I love the expressions, 'tap the show' and 'skin not in right shoe.'

    It's fun writing for contests and reading different takes on the same prompt. All the very best Gayatri :)

    1. I, really, have a very sensitive skin,so I would just go for it.
      Thanks for loving the expressions, dear! :)

  2. hahaha, that was a supercool read!! all the best for the contest!

  3. Beautiful poem Gayatri :)
    Wish you good luck for the contest!

  4. This is awesome post! All the best :)


    1. WOW!

      You won the contest.

      Congratulations!!! Way to Go!!!

    2. I meant Shoppers Stop Contest, just saw the badge. :)

  5. You haven't posted in a long long time...:(

    1. Thanks for being a regular visitor, dear. Love! :)


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