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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Life- A Telescope

It’s not always a sunrise or a sunset,
you need not to be a master or a puppet.

Wandering with wonders hardly do the wonders;
bringing the telescope may clear the pictures.

Flipping pages don’t go for the ride,
reading the fine lines may turn the dark tide.

Roaming the globe isn’t always a scope;
may map out the sites, cos life is just a telescope.


  1. This poem has so much to dig into. We can live life in a box but there is just a part of it. There is much more out there...

    1. Yup, life is just like that....but we keep wondering always. ;) Thanks for the applause, dear! :)

  2. So true... its profound and each sentence comes out neat and is applicable in our life..
    Also the way we use the telescope, perceptions and visions would be different too..

    1. Sometimes,we just need to revise the chapters.

      Thank you,Manjulika! :)


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