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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Come together to end these crimes

Ring The Bell, Presented by IndiBlogger and Breakthrough

India’s most common violence, in print, is ‘rape’. Every day you pick your newspaper, and you find, at least, one rape case to read. And, India’s another (again) most common violence, not in print, is ‘domestic violence’. It happens in regular India but you hardly find a case to read for. In both cases, often a victim is a female. Someone who brings life to the world, but someone who has always been considered secondary to this world!

Often, in case of any violence, a victim experiences the fear of a perpetrator when s/he bears any crime. But, in these cases, even when she isn’t the victim she knows how it feels. She experiences, & knows what pain the other woman would have been going through at the other end.

When I was a child, even then whenever I would come across a rape scene in any feature film it made me feel uneasy. As I grew up, there had been a thought that this fear lasts till I am young, but………, I fear till I die. After the 16th December Delhi gang-rape case, a 70 year old lady became a victim of shame. She would never have thought of this nightmare to happen at this age by two unknown guys. But, unfortunately some females bear domestic nightmares since their childhood and that too by some known people around them.

What makes these cases more happening is the undue advantage to get away with these crimes. A rapist rapes & gets away. A molester, an assaulter, or a wife beater hits the women & it hardly comes to the proof that it was committed by him, or worse, if it really happened. To prevent this wild nonsense, ‘we’ need the support of this ‘same gender’ that could help us get a respectful life- a sense of achievement to do what pleases us. After an unfortunate day of the 16th December, some good spirits came to protest violence against women, but the evil spirits overcame them. I don’t expect an overnight transformation of this male- dominant society into a pro-women one. Devil will always be there because without them good spirits can’t exist. But, we could, at least, overcome them.

With continual protests after rape incidents, we might have been expecting a rise of mental attitude. But with this picture, we could hardly expect that. Could you see the smiling faces of these so called protesters (circled one) against the brutal rape incident of a school girl at Mangolpuri in New Delhi? To make some serious changes in society you needn’t be a serious person, but there must be some seriousness. Here, they are just enjoying the stone-pelting activity. How could I say that I feel safe in night?

Indiblogger has organized a meeting in association with Indichange & Breakthrough for tomorrow. The meeting was scheduled to wind up at 10:00pm. But, most of the females (including me) - who are likely to be there to discuss the topic ‘violence against women’- requested them to make some alterations to the timings. I want to roam freely just as men do. I don’t want someone to be there with me to provide a protection as a Bodyguard, or my parents ask me to take extra precautions.

I protest every mischievous behavior, but even then some moments give me doubts! A salute to the women’s spirit is enlightening but some horrendous crimes make it disheartening. This world runs with inter-dependence. Without you we mean nothing, & without us you couldn’t even dream of being something.

Pledge to protest!

Be Safe!

Happy International Women’s Day!  :)


  1. Strict rape laws, fast-track rape cases through the courts and a BIG change in the mindset of the society is the need of the hour!!
    Yes, be safe!
    Happy International Women’s Day! :)

    1. Charity begins at home. So, we all should sow good behaviour at our home, & don't let the wild ones destroy them.
      Happy Women's Day! :)

  2. Happy International Women's Day! Brilliant post! :)

  3. world will never change. women have to protect themselves and stop playing the second fiddle.

    happy Women's day!

    btw read your other post. that's a lovely poem!

    1. I'm also not expecting any sudden change, but a hope to overcome them in numbers. I agree that women have to protect themselves, but that is just confined to physical abuse. Mental abuse is more intolerable than that.

      Thanks for the applause! :)

  4. You have pointed out some very valid points Gayatri.. We all know how the victim must have felt and its frightening to think of it was us or anyone in our family..We have no laws in the country and more than that no fear from strict implementation... People of the society can only work for the up-liftment..
    We female folks are all so anxious to live a life which is free from mocks and fun, uncomfortable glares and snares, molest and rape...untimely death!

    1. We all shall keep protesting these crimes to not let them grow more wild.

  5. You went to the meet?

    Well, I think it's time for action, I am done reading ministers speak and celebrities organizing events. We need action.

    1. Well, while attending the event, I had also been thinking that that event was being discussed with people who are already sensitive about the issue. These issues should be addressed to those people who aren't really grown up.

      But, somehow these events give us courage that there are many people who are protesting with us, and they would help to spread the equality. :)

    2. Your point makes perfect sense.

    3. Let's hope everyone comes forward for the good cause.


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