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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Book Review of Pittho's World

Book: Pittho's World

Author: Murtaza Razvi

Price: Rs. 299

Publisher: Harper Collins

Often a reader attracts towards a book because of its captivating title and a decent cover page. But, today's readers also counts the descriptive page of the book. If the story sounds fascinating, it barely happens that the book doesn't find its space on the shelf. With Harper Collins, in association with Indiblogger, distributing books for the review, I had joined the bandwagon and was eager to read the 'tale of love and happiness' as mentioned at the back of this book.

But, to my utter disappointment, the Pittho's World didn't serve its audience with a delightful work. This piece of narration by a renowned journalist of Pakistan- Murtaza Razvi- is an unconvincing collections   of tales from the family of the protagonist. I found myself similar to his girlfriend who didn't seem much interested to the plots. In fact, it makes one believe that the author knew the response of its readers. It felt like the book has been written in rush and the author didn't pay heed to the plotting and the execution of the stories. The tone of the book is not engaging and it doesn't let you continue with the book.

The chronicles are not imaginative and exciting, and moreover they are just mere conversations that didn't help to craft an enchanting  story. A full chapter is devoted to the history of Karachi which seems unfit. Also, the title of the book is very misleading. I flipped many pages to get to the character of Pittho, and finally when I arrived to it; it didn't persuade me enough that why this character should be entitled with this honour. I didn't find anything commendable to recommend except the cover page. So, the whole credit for making this book look interesting goes to the cover designer, and the rest is disheartening. 



  1. Sometimes we get enthusiastic when we catch hold of a book expecting it be a wonderful read . But later we are disappointed when it has nothing substantial to offer. Anyways hope your next read is a good one :)

    1. It' s been so nice of you to be always encouraging. Thanks. :)


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