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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Birth of Beauty with Dignity

Nothing was her choice,
she was assumed to be always nice.
No need to share her views,
all need to ear other’s cues.

Was lost in the whirl
where no path was open to her.
Her innocence was mistaken,
she was unnerved & inherently shaken.

Won’t imbibe the venom anymore,
won’t let prevail the domineer anymore.
Would confront the dossier encore,
would endeavour to reach the shore.

Stubbed out the surreal lackey,
came out with dignified beauty.
Has unmasked her defiance &
proclaimed to spearhead her conscience.

This poem has been written on the basis of given painting & has been selected to be published in an online magazine EI of Ekphrasis India.  :)


  1. well expressed .. justifying the essence of the painting with its own fragrance of thoughts !! :)

  2. The liners are wonderful Gayatri..
    Congrats for being chosen one... :)

    1. Extremely grateful for your appraisal, dear! Thanks. :)


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