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Thursday, 18 April 2013

My First Encounter with Music

Do you remember your first favorite song? My first encounter with music came with the film “Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya”. I love its two tracks very much, “Meri saanson mein”, and “Koi jaane koi na jaane”. When I first saw this movie on television, and heard these songs, esp. first one, it made me sit and listen to the track like I was always an aesthete; and then I was introduced to my romantic nature. When my elder sister came to know my love for this song, she misunderstood it with my teenage- when every girl loves to be appreciated for her beauty, and when the second name of beauty was being entitled to “Aishwarya Rai”. Yes, I also fell in love with Remo Fernandez’ song: “Oh meri munni”.  ;)  When, once, in a classroom play, I revealed, “my favorite song is, “zara-2 bahekta hai” from RHTDM”, my friends took it as my love for the guy I was being teased for by them. At that time, I didn’t know if I love these singers, musicians, or lyricists!

I love each and every composition of “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara”, penned by Javed Akhtar. I love Farhan Akhtar’s élan, and his endeavors to make everyone fall in love with his husky voice. I love Shankar Mahadevan’s each song, and esp. ‘breathless’ one. I love the latest single of Indian beauty, “In My City”.  I love the charming Justin Bieber’s, “Baby”.   

If there is a discourse of music and songs, it’s inevitable to bring Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, and other legends on the table. At one point of time, I didn’t use to pay attention who was the artist backstage as they were usually, Lataji, Ashaji, Udit Narayan, and Alka Yagnik. When I came across K.K’s songs, I enquired & then praised, “What a terrific singer!” When I listened to the track of Agneepath, “Deva shree Ganesha”, I googled the lyricist behind it! The music of Barfi touched my soul.

I think I am confused, and if truth be told, I find every artist behind a lovely track great when it bears in my mind, heart, and soul. And yes, when the encounter is poor, I don’t want to arrest the perpetrators!

I don’t put my phone on silent mode ever, if the situation doesn't demand it. My food breathes great with music on the air. Music relaxes me when I had written something too serious to forget easily. I play a track in continuation until I feel it’s done. My (almost) all poems are rhythmic.  

I am little moody with my choice of songs. If it’s soothing one time, then it should be rocking or lyrical another time.

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Let's fall in love with music all over again!   



  1. Even I love music, my most favorite song is 'bahoon ke darmiya...' from Khamoshi. Music has a healing effect on me. If I am alone and doing household chores, I always listen to music and recently on our anniversary my husband gifted me Bose dock for my iPod. :) What else a music lover wants!

    1. Oh! That's my elder sister's favorite too! :) Right Saru! I also become alone when my sister isn't around me, and then music is a great companion. :)

  2. Hi Gayatri,

    I am passionate about music...Rain and music are always in my top most things I really do Love!! :)

    Pancham Da, Kishore and Gulzaar are my ideal.. :)
    Hey songs of RHTD are my fav. too... :D
    Actually my dad is also a music lover so he keep telling me about the musicians , singers, lyricists..And that's how I've a good knowledge about these :)

    A lovely write up!
    all the very best :)

    1. So, we have found something common in us. Thanks for visiting, dear! :)


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