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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Tresemme` Unstressed

There is a market of choice,
assuring the great spice
with jojoba, coconut, & oil.

My apprehensions a week ago,
Tresemme` unstressed in a single go
with bounty of lovely hairdo.

My tresses are more bouncy,
leaving scalp no more oily,
but with a mark of smiley. :)

With change in weather conditions, my hairs are prone to damage. Tresemme` frizz-prone shampoo pack from Indiblogger reached me during the apt period to go through an acid test.

I went through its You Tube channel link.  My hairs are straight & silky, so I chose this butterfly tail which is simple to tie and absolute stylish. You need to just tie a simple pony-tail. Bring your hands in center. Make a hole, and put your pony-tail into it. It’s just that much simple!

But, this hairdo didn't work with less volume. My apprehensions were in store, and I wanted to see the results. After using Tresemme`, within a week, my hairs gained volume. Also, my scalp was not anymore oily to leave stress on my face. And then, with this funky butterfly look, I was all there to get my friends’ attention. Yuppie! It worked.  

The only con where Tresemme` disappointed me is, it left my hairs less shiny. Need to work! 


  1. Very cool... so it seems tresemme worked for you..

  2. Wow, you have lovely hair and that hairdo is cool. Don't worry about the shine. Lovely poem in the beginning. :)

  3. Nice :-) all the very best for the contest :-)


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